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February 28, 2024

Fureeze Pet Food

Fureeze Pet Food

As pet owners, we’re constantly on the lookout for the best treats to spoil our furry companions. With an increasing focus on quality ingredients and ethical sourcing, Australian-made pet treats have become a popular choice among conscientious pet parents. Today, we’ll dive into a review of Fureeze Pet Food, examining their ingredients, sourcing practices, and, most importantly, how our pets respond to them.


We sampled these 100% Tasmanian made freeze dried pet treats, which are suitable for both dogs and cats. The best part is Fureeze donates 3% of their profits to fight animal cruelty and support compassionate care, positively impacting animals and the community, blending profitability with social responsibility.


Pets’ Reactions: A Review of Their Responses

My finicky felines are notoriously picky when it comes to treats, but they couldn’t resist these chicken bites! The fact that they’re made from responsibly sourced chicken gives me peace of mind, knowing that I’m not only treating them but also supporting sustainable practices.

Finding ethically sourced cat food or treats that cats will enjoy can be challenging, so we were pleasantly surprised that both cats went for these freeze-dried treats. However, the pieces were relatively large for cats. While Ryo happily consumed the sizable chicken chunks, grabbing it like prey and running off with it in his mouth, Backer required his to be sliced for him to eat. The chicken variety were the cat’s favourite.

Pickle the Kelpie absolutely loves the quail treats (actually both flavours)!

Not only are Fureeze a healthy and natural option but also the company supports pet rescue missions and animal welfare initiatives. They’re perfect for training sessions or simply as a tasty reward, and purr-fect if you have a multi-pet household.


Fureeze And Pickle


Try the Fureeze Range

From freeze-dried venison, to possum to quail wings, Fureeze are proud of the quality and nutritional value their products bring.

The freeze-drying technique offers a crunchy texture pets find irresistible, making it the perfect high-reward treat during training.

The range includes but not limited to Fureeze Diced Quail Backbones 80g $14.95,  Fureeze Diced Wallaby 80g $20.95, Fureeze Diced Wild Possum 80g $24.95,  Fureeze Diced Wild Venison 100g $24.95 or Freeze Dried Venison By Fureeze™ 50g $14.99, Freeze Dried Free Range Chicken Breast By Fureeze™ 50g


Fureeze And Pickle With Chicken


Where to buy
Fureeze currently partner with over 30 stores nationwide and are also on Catch, Mydeal, Faire and Amazon or from the Fureeze website.


Final Thoughts

Australian-made, consciously sourced pet treats offer a win-win solution for pet owners who prioritise the health and well-being of their furry friends. Not only are these treats delicious and nutritious, but they also support local producers and sustainable practices. With a wide range of options available, there’s something to satisfy even the most discerning pets’ tastes. Treat your furry companions to the best of the best with Australian-made pet treats – they’ll thank you with wagging tails and contented purrs!


Fureeze Pet Food


  • What makes Fureeze Pet Food different?
  • Sourced from ethical suppliers
  • Sustainability at heart
  • Diverse and delectable range
  • Purity of source
  • Supports animal welfare
  • Single protein, no fillers
  • Human grade

Find out more by visiting the Fureeze Pet Food website.