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For your convenience, we have put together two plans, which can be adjusted to suit your needs.

If you would like to collaborate in some other way, in the form of product reviews, giveaways and samples this can also be arranged.

Please find descriptions below of the type of posts we offer that will be read by our targeted readership:

#1 Full Sponsored Post ($199)

If you do not have a pre-written article, we can create the content for you.

The cost is calculated based on monthly views + post creation + image(s) + upload + share across our social media platforms.

Insert up to two links within the body of the article. This will also be shared across our social media platforms which are well-known in the industry.

*Our weekly Facebook reach is currently is 58,621

#2 Pre-written Guest Post ($99)

We can upload a pre-written article provided by you together with an image and insert up to two links within the body of the article.


Please note if you are providing pre-written content, it must be unique and not appear on any other website or include spammy links. The quality of the writing should also be well structured and grammatically correct. We are happy to accommodate a combination of these options, please enquire via email.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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