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October 14, 2018

Pet Magazines in Australia

Pet Magazines in Australia

Like reading? Love animals? Want to know which are the most read Pet Magazines in Australia.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation has unearthed some of the most popular mags Down Under.


All Pets

Australian Dogs and Pets magazine

Australian Dogs & Pets is a brand new magazine for pet lovers of all ages. Every issue will have plenty of photos and stories sent in by our readers, (yes, your pets can also be stars!), as well as practical behavioural and training tips for pets, profiles of dog and cat breeds, veterinarian answers to problems, and the best products to keep your pets healthy and happy.



This is an exciting magazine for kids and families who love their pets and want to learn more about responsible pet ownership. The magazine features articles on dog and cat breeds as well as birds, fish, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, horses, reptiles, native wildlife and exotic creatures.





NO HUMANS ALLOWED. This magazine is all about cats. The whole point of Pussweek is feline independence, so the policy is: “If you have opposable thumbs or if you bark just get out of here right meow”. Every word in PW is written for cats, by cats.


Ozzi Cat

There are 4 issues a year which are published either online or as a printed publication. Ozzi Cat provides valuable information and entertaining experiences to all Australians who love and interested in cats.




Dogs Life magazine

This magazine is dedicated to dogs and covers a wide range of topics of interest to dog owners. Topics include breed information, dog training, health issues, a question & answer section, Kids Club, competitions and much more.


Dog News Australia

This is Australia’s no 1 show dog magazine covering numerous topics of interest to dog owners available from your local newsagent or by subscription.


Woof Mag

About all things dog. This magazine aims to educate, inform and entertain dog owners. Read online or subscribe. Woof Mag is available to read online or via subscription and offers an exciting magazine to Dog Owners who are passionate about gaining more knowledge on these amazing animals. Woof Mag is packed full of Training Tips, Breed information, Specialist Articles and Features on Canine Health and Well Being. Woof Mag is informative and educational and Focuses on a more Holistic approach to caring for your Dog.


Pooch Mag

An independent online magazine for dog lovers around the globe. The website features interesting articles, information & advice on dogs and lots more.



Australian Birdkeeper

ABK Publications is the world’s premier publisher of books on pet and aviary birds. View the comprehensive range of parrot and finch breeding books and bird DVDs featuring beautiful colour photography at the Bird Book shop.


Talking Birds

This is Australia’s only news magazine devoted to the care and breeding of birds in Australia. Published during the first week each month, it provides readers with up-to-date information on what’s happening in the bird keeping scene in Australia.




Australian Performance Horse

This unique equine magazine that provides you with a broad range of equine news, training information and product updates.


Equine Excellence

Have you ever wanted a way to work with your horse that makes you feel safe, empowered and delivers amazing results? Then Equine Excellence is for you. Or perhaps you are just looking for that extra level of communication that sets Bryan’s approach apart from the traditional way of working with horses. Whether it is advice, equipment, training services, lessons in natural horsemanship, buying a horse or problem solving that brought you here we hope you take the time to take full advantage of all the resources on offer.



A Lifestyle Equestrian magazine with articles on riding, training the horse and the rider, show preparation and tips, veterinary and herbal treatments, stable and horse management.



100% Australian-owned, produced and printed! HW has been Australia’s No. 1 Magazine for ‘tween and teen’ young horse lovers.


If you know of any pet magazines in Australia or have a magazine that you would like us to include on this list, please email us at:

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