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October 14, 2018

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Like reading? Love animals? Pet-Friendly Accommodation has unearthed some of the most popular pet magazines Down Under.   All Pets Australian Dogs and Pets magazine Australian Dogs & Pets is a brand new magazine for pet lovers of all ages. Every issue will have plenty of photos and stories sent in by our readers, (yes,…

June 3, 2018

International Hug Your Cat Day

International Hug Your Cat Day Are you a CRAZY lady (or man)? If so, the 4th of June is definitely one day you’ll want to get on board, as it’s International Hug Your Cat Day. What is International Hug Your Cat Day all about? It is your chance to show the world how much you…

June 3, 2018

International Chihuahua Day

International Chihuahua Appreciation Day   Around the world, Chihuahua lovers annually celebrate Chihuahua day on May 14th. Named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, this is the smallest breed of dog in the whole world, the tiny Chihuahua is between 15 – 23 cms in height and weighs around 1.5 – 3 kgs. Famous Chihuahuas include Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell and Moonie…