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November 5, 2014

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Colour me dog

Colour me dog: A short story by Paul McMahon

Colour. Think of your favourite colour in the world and it is likely that your favourite colour is not necessarily the colour of the dog you wish to own.

Blue dog anyone? I prefer rainbow.

Dog colours can really bring out your own personality in a strange way. My personal favourite is chocolate. I think that means I like delicious things. Others say it is warm and inviting with a hint of gentleness. I just think that I like chocolate and coffee too much, “hello belly!”

So think about dogs for a second and decide on your favourite colour. I must say I do love the mixed colour dogs with funny little shapes of colours. Usually there is a funny spot on their face. So cute!

Should I start deciding the inner mind happenings for each particular colour you may desire? Sorry, that’s not the case. It’s just a personal preference to jump in to. Black does not mean dark with evil. White does not mean gentle and securely safe.

I love how colours change over time. In the beginning I was a redhead, and now I’m a brown head. Colours just project as something new as time passes. Sometimes, that colour is nature’s answer to being a little better in a bizarre way.

Choose a colour that astounds you from the ‘ready, set, go!’ Something that makes you think of cute adorable things. Think of being practical, if the dog is white it maybe look like it is covered in dirt.

In the end, be yourself. Decide on a colour you love because you will be stuck with it for a long time. Remember, colour can tell us a mini story of what you love and that can be a multitude of things.

Just pick the colour that best suits you…


Paul McMahon is an up and coming author. He has a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/paulmcmahonauthor that you can follow if you like the story or like his travel blog. The message is that you should always be proud to be alive, so many do not have that privilege. The worst accident in the world can still direct you into bliss and prosperity.