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June 3, 2018

International Hug Your Cat Day

International Hug Your Cat Day

International Hug Your Cat Day

Are you a CRAZY lady (or man)?

If so, the 4th of June is definitely one day you’ll want to get on board, as it’s International Hug Your Cat Day.

What is International Hug Your Cat Day all about?

It is your chance to show the world how much you love your kitty and how furtastic they are.

To celebrate the 4th of June International Hug Your Cat Day, we are sharing photos of cats getting hugged and stories about cats in general.

According to the RSPCA, in Australia, 29% of households own a cat. There are estimated to be 3.9 million pet cats; 16 cats for every 100 people, that’s a lot of cats to be hugged on this special day.

Butter’s Story

International Hug your Cat Day

Writer Jessica Mudditt, who bought her cat Butters from Bangladesh to Australia, said that her cat, Butters, means the world to her. Jessica explains that “I honestly consider her my best friend, and I’m sure my husband feels the same way about her too! We’ve had her for more than six years and she has travelled with us to four different countries, so it feels like she has been with us through thick and thin. And because I work from home, I spend hours with her every day. She’s always following us around like a cute little shadow – she’s not the type of cat that sleeps in another room. She’s always trying to get our attention. As someone who knows cats well (you!) once said, she’s a human in a catsuit.”


I asked Jess how she would be celebrating with Butters and she said that “I’ll make sure that the first thing I do is hug her, and will give her extra hugs throughout the day. I’ll take a selfie with her during one of those hugs too. She loves being hugged, so I’m sure she’ll have a great day!


To celebrate Hug Your Cat Day (Monday 4th June), Mad Paws, Australia’s largest online pet sitting platform, has scoured the nation to find Australia’s Most Huggable Cats – winners located in WA, QLD & NSW pictured below. Here are the furry finalists.


Australia’s Most Huggable Cats
DINOSAUR – a 14-week-old ragdoll-cross from  QLD


Australia’s Most Huggable Cats
LILY – a 6-month-old ragdoll-cross from Gladesville NSW


Australia’s Most Huggable Cats
MONTY – A 2-year-old domestic short hair from Kardinya WA


Take a meow-ment to congratulate Australia’s Most Huggable Cats!


Places to Pet Cats (if you don’t have one)

If you don’t have your own cat to hug, then why not pop to your nearest cat cafe to pet one or better yet a rescue centre to show some kitties some love. You never know you may even find a feline friend to hug year round.

Cats Protection Society

Cat Cafe Sydney

Cat Cafe Melbourne


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