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August 9, 2015

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The first global space cat café: An out of this world experience!

Located a walk away from Central Station, Catmosphere Cafe hosts around 14 cats in total and is split over two levels in a typical Sydney Victorian terrace in Surry Hills.


When you arrive you are greeted by the reception staff and order your tea and cake downstairs, which is later bought to you in the cat-petting zone.

Before heading upstairs to meet the kitties, you are instructed to wash your hands to avoid any germs being passed on.


It was sculptor and designer, Ella K’s first time in a cat cafe, and she described the experience as, “a great place to come if you’ve had an intense day. A real right brain experience.”

Catmosphere Sydney was started by Thomas Derricottt and his partner Wenee Yap, and is a franchise of the famous Cat Cafes in Thailand’s Chiang Mai.

If like other patrons, you bought your ticket via Living Social you do not need to book, and can just turn up on the day (especially if it’s midweek) otherwise at busy periods you can book online.


The brilliantly named cats are a nod to the space theme of the café. Patrons can pet Neil Pawstrong, Fuzz Aldrin but it was a cute white cat, named Princess Leia that was the star of the show and wanted to play with anyone willing to dangle a toy in her direction.


The layout was impressive and had been designed with cats in mind, giving ample chances for more timid cats to be up high if they didn’t feel like being petted.


The pet handler (or wrangler as I like to call him) seemed to be very in tune with the cats, and most knowledgeable about each characteristic of his feline friends.

I was happy to see that the pheromone diffuser Feliway was plugged in keeping cats relaxed in their new environment.

Working with the World League for Protection of Animals all the cats are rescue cats, and the cats were chosen because of their suitability for human interaction.

As a volunteer with WLPA, I have seen first hand the amazing work they do for all sorts of animals, not only cats.


We left feeling relaxed with smiles on our faces, and I’m sure you will do the same.


Where: 66 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Phone: 0450 701 485

Website: www.catmospherecafe.com