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May 17, 2015

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Sydney’s First Pop-up Kitten Cafe

Sydney’s First Pop-up Kitten Cafe

Sydney’s first pop-up kitten cafe opened its doors in Paddington this week, giving cat lovers a taste of things to come. If you like your chai served with copious amounts of cuteness, this was the place to be.

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Sydney Cat Cafe is hoping to raise funds through their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and plans to open the cat cafe later this year. You can pledge to support the Kickstarter campaign.

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Run in conjunction with Maggie’s Rescue, there was an assortment of cute kittens keen to play with patrons. Due to demand, the pop-up kitten cafe had to close its bookings but for those who missed out, fear not, further events are already planned so there will be more opportunities to make some furry friends and help the café towards achieving their goal of $15,000 through Kickstarter.

I think everyone will agree, it was the purrfect way to spend an afternoon!

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Pop Up Kitten Café, William St Gallery, 14 William Street, Paddington, Sydney

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Opened May 14–17, 2015. 9am – 7pm (Sunday 10am – 6pm)


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