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August 10, 2017

Travelling with pets Queensland

Queensland Pet Friendly

Queensland Pet Friendly

It’s true that Queensland not only lays claim to having some of Australia’s most visited tourist sites, it also has some amazing pet-friendly places to visit. And now there’s a guidebook to prove it.

From the beautiful off-leash beaches in the tropical north to the long stretches of the Gold Coast where dogs can run free. Enjoy exploring some of the best pet-friendly areas to holiday with your four-legged friends.

Travelling with pets on Australia’s East Coast is broken into 5 easy to read sections so that finding suitable places to stay with your pet is a breeze!

• Northern Queensland
• Whitsundays and Mackay
• Central Queensland
• Sunshine Coast
• South East Queensland


You can search for the best campsites and holiday rentals to take your pet via our homepage or by grabbing a copy of our guidebook.

Palm Cove

Dogs permitted at Ellis Beach, Northern Qld