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December 12, 2014

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The last pet photo you took

We always want to hear about your dogs. Send us pictures of your best mate  – whatever you think we would like.

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This week, we asked you to post the last photo you took of your dog(s) on your phone on our facebook page. Here was the amazing response.


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My 13 year old baby, Chloe xxx Nathalie D


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My 16 years old jack russell sweetie and my 10 years old mini fox terrier cherrie:) Grace Geronimo Mizoma



post your dog

Ollie sleeping, cuddling his back legs. Kelly M



pet friendly guidebook

My Phoebe Von Sausage loves snuggling in the rainy weather, Candice E



pet friendly nsw

My sweet lady Sheeba who I adopted in September. She turns 12 in February and is finally living the life she deserves. Alison T




Grizzily Fin



Billy hiding from storm. Amanda W


pet friendly nsw

My Bambi, with bf Snoopy. Her first ride in the truck, Rhoni


Peanut, Susan B



Please keep in mind that due to the large volume of material received, not all items are likely to appear in these pages.