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January 15, 2015

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Pet Suitcase Photos

Pet Suitcase Photos: When your pets can’t believe you’re going on holiday without them!

I’m sure we’ve all got pictures of our pets giving us sad eyes or trying to squeeze their furry bodies into our luggage before we take off on holidays without them!

Sadly sometimes we can’t take them with us, but for all the times you can get a copy of our book to help you plan the best trip for you and your best friend.

Buddy doing his sweet brown-eyed plead! First introduction to a suitcase! They just know don’t they?! x

Photo: Georgia Anne Joubert

I’m coming too!

Photo: Bronwyn Hughes

Maverick thought he could sneak through in the suit bag.

Photo: Mark Corkery

When I went to the US for 5 weeks, Jaxon wanted to come too.

Photo: Frankie Moore

Harry thought we weren’t taking him..we were.

Photo: Les Darilyn Goldsmith


This dog’s going… one way or another!!!!

Photo: Sal Lad

I’m coming too!

Photo: Maruka Hagarta

Mr Bobby

Photo: Pu Pu



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