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June 11, 2017

Heated animal pad

Pet Mat™ Heated Animal Pad Review

Pet Mat™ Heated Animal Pad Review

I wasn’t sure how the Pet Mat would be received in our multi-pet household, but minutes after opening the heated animal pad, and plugging it in there was a scramble to see who could get to it first. Looks like we’ll be needing another two!

Pet Mat™ Heated Animal Pad

If you are looking for a product to keep your furry friends warm and cosy all year round this safe + energy efficient heated mat, will do the job. Not only is it flexible, durable and waterproof, it also comes with it’s own nifty universal car adaptor for travelling pets.

Pet Mat™ Heated Animal Pad

We’ll be testing this special feature, when we head off to the Blue Mountains on the weekend.

Pet Mat™ Heated Animal Pad

The product is said to be the safest heated animal pad on the market and offers a great car travel kit for pets on the move! Completely changing the game for travel, surgery, recovery and household.

Pet Mat™ Heated Animal Pad


What you need to know

The company state that “they are placing the wellbeing of animals first, providing the equipment and technology for outstanding performance and overall health maintenance”.

Pet-Mat is Australia’s leading manufacturer of heated animal pads, using the latest PTC technology to provide maximum warmth and comfort safely for animals and their owners. Our product is Fail Safe and perfect for recovering and young animals.

–          No EMF Emissions

–          Self Regulating

–          Alcohol Wipe Sterilization

–          Fail Safe

–          High Quality Resistant Materials

–          Waterproof / Corrosion Resistant

–          Extremely Slim line & Flat

–          No accumulation of humidity or sweat (unpleasant smells )

–          Low Voltage ( 12V )


The best bits

It’s small and portable which make it great for travelling!

Pet Mat™ Heated Animal Pad is designed in Australia.

Pet Mat™ is energy efficient.

The Pet Mat™ Heated Animal Pad is self regulating – no need to turn on and off repeatedly – it will not overheat!

The Pet Mat™ Heated Animal Pad is water resistant.

If your animal is sick or suffers from arthritis, the heated pet pad can be beneficial.

Pet Mat™comes with a 12 month warranty.

The Pet Mat™ Heated Animal Pad comes in three sizes.


Warning: ALWAYS place your Pet-Mat on top of any bedding, mattress or cushion – never underneath.

Where can I buy Pet Mat™?
The retail price is from $94.50 available online (shipping anywhere in the world).


To find out more visit the Pet Mat™ Heated Animal Pad website:


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Disclaimer: Product was submitted by Pet Mat™ Heated Animal Pad for review.