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September 17, 2020

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My Dog-Friendly Recommendations for Sydney

My Dog-Friendly Recommendations for Sydney by Travel Nuity.

Over the last few years, my Miniature Dachshund, Schnitzel, and I have travelled across Europe and the USA, visiting 34 countries together. However, during 2020 we’ve been back home in Sydney, and enjoying exploring more of the dog-friendly options available in this city. Read on to find out our favourite dog-friendly places in Sydney…



Favourite Dog-Friendly Beach

Rose Bay Dog Beach

When we previously lived in Sydney, our favourite dog-friendly beach to visit was Sandy Bay at Clontarf. This beautiful stretch of sand just north of the Spit Bridge may not have any signage, but is off-leash 24-hours. The water is shallow and calm, perfect for Schnitzel, who’s not too fond or (or that good at) swimming.

Since living back in Sydney in the Inner West, our new favourite is Rose Bay Beach, which isn’t as far away. It’s also off-leash all day long, and again it’s a nice calm harbour beach.



Favourite Dog-Friendly Park

Shale Hills Dog Park

One of the best dog parks I’ve discovered in Sydney is the Shale Hills Dog Park in West Hoxton. It’s quite a trek from the centre of Sydney (we discovered it while staying nearby with family), but it’s well worth a visit, as it’s huge, yet fully enclosed!

There’s a separate section for smaller dogs, some dog agility equipment and even training stations to encourage you to train your dog. I wish this park had been around when Schnitzel was just a pup…



Favourite Dog-Friendly Staycation

Intercontinental Double Bay Rooftop

With restrictions on travelling the norm at the moment, luckily there’s a growing number of pet-friendly hotels in Sydney, meaning plenty of options for a dog-friendly staycation.

For something really special, head to the InterContinental Double Bay. We were recently lucky to stay the night at this 5-star hotel with Schnitzel. There are no weight restrictions and well-behaved pups are even allowed up around the rooftop pool, as long as they don’t go for a swim.



Favourite Dog-Friendly Cafe

Frenchys Cafe

Sydney has no shortage of dog-friendly cafes with outdoor dining areas where your pup is welcome to join you. One of our favourites has always been Frenchy’s, on Middle Head in Mosman.

It’s a relaxing spot, with plenty of French breakfast and lunch options on the menu, or ideal just for a coffee. Afterwards, take your dog for a walk in the adjacent bushland reserve. There’s an on-leash walking path down to Clifton Gardens that stays just outside of the national park. Clifton Gardens and the adjacent beach permit off-leash dogs during limited hours, mainly on weekdays.


Favourite Dog-Friendly Walk

Cateract Falls Upper With Dog

For our favourite dog-friendly walk around Sydney, I recommend heading just west to the Blue Mountains. Despite much of the Blue Mountains being national park, there are still some great dog-friendly hikes in other areas.

Our favourite spot is the South Lawson Waterfall LoopTrack. Along the way, you’ll pass not just one but four waterfalls. While many people let your dog walk off-leash, it’s technically an on-leash walk.



Shandos Cleaver is the founder of Travelnuity, a travel blog focused on dog-friendly travel around the world. She lives in Sydney, Australia along with her husband and Miniature Dachshund, Schnitzel. Together they’ve travelled extensively throughout Australia, the USA and Europe. She’s passionate about providing inspiration and information to others wanting to travel with their dogs.