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October 30, 2015

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Increase in the number of pets rescued from cars

In the past 12 months, NRMA have rescued 1,500 pets from cars in NSW and
the ACT, an 88% increase on over the last four years.

While many occasions are due to human error, such as locking keys in
cars and new automatic locking technology, sometimes it’s our beloved
over-zealous pets that are to blame, knocking internal locks. NRMA
patrols have offered these tips to help prevent this from happening:

· Leave the driver door ajar or window down when packing the boot or
moving away from the car.

· Try and place keys in a clothes pocket.

· Focus on where you put your keys, particularly when taking a phone
call, loading the boot or placing a child in a car seat.

· Don’t rush because another driver is waiting for the parking space.

The study was originally about locking kids in cars but since the study it has been found that many incidents involves pets.

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