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January 16, 2019

How To Sell Your Pet Products To Animal Lovers

How to Sell Your Pet Products to Animal Lovers

How to Sell Your Pet Products to Animal Lovers


Most people who produce pet products are naturally animal lovers themselves. They will have created something to share with the pet-loving community – whether that be a mini-dog bath or a lotion to soothe sore paws. So, how can you make the most of this natural affinity you have with animals to sell your product to others who share your love of the animal kingdom? That’s what this article sets out to help you with – walking you through the necessary steps to get you selling to those who love their pets.


Create a Fun Website


Animal lovers are fun people. They like the colour, the noise, and the love that animals bring into their lives. They’re also practical and serious when it comes to caring for their pets, and so they’re likely to look online for pet products that’ll help make the lives of their pets that bit more peaceful and cheerful.


You need to be there to service this market by creating a website that’ll draw in curious and loving pet owners looking for products just like yours. Once established, you’ll see that your web traffic invites consumers from all over the world to engage with your business and its products.


Go Viral


Social media is the other side of the virtual world that you should consider utilising to make your sales – especially if you can manage to create a viral video involving your product. Any part-time internet user won’t have failed to notice the plethora of animal-related videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram at present – so why not add your own?

Even if you decide that you don’t quite have the credentials to go viral, you can still use social media to grow interest and visibility around your brand. Make it fun, exciting, bright and energetic and slowly draw in like-minded animal lovers to trade with your business.


Visit Pet Meets


There are a huge variety of social gatherings involving animals – some of them national and international in size, where you’ll be able to truly make your mark on the industry by having a stall selling your products to those who’ll be most interested in buying them. Even if the pet meet you go to is only a local one, you’re still going to be targeting exactly the demographic you want when you go to share your products at these events.


In order to be professional, make branded clothing to wear when you head to these meets, and ensure that you’re fully set up in terms of point of sale software and receipts in order to ensure that transactions are a doddle for interested customers.


Above all, be warm, friendly and inspired with your fellow animal lovers. They’re going to respond to your product if they see that you’ve developed it in response to your own love for your pets and their need for the product you’re now selling. Lead with your passion, and people will certainly buy.


If you’ve developed a product inside the pet industry, then you should consider boosting your sales by following the advice posted above, which will help you find more like-minded animal lovers with whom to trade.