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January 29, 2016

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Five Ways to Show Your Dog Love This Valentine’s Day

Five Ways to Show Your Dog Love This Valentine’s Day

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Your dog is truly your best friend, because their love and loyalty are unconditional. On Valentine’s Day, it’s nice to celebrate everyone we love. Even if you’re primarily focused on a romantic partner, your canine best friend will appreciate being showered with some extra love and attention this holiday. Keeping your dog happy, healthy, and safe is the best way to prove your commitment. From protecting your dog from hidden dangers, to getting them the best dog fence to keep them safe, to spoiling them with fun gifts, here are some ways you can show your dog some love this Valentine’s Day.


Beware of Common V-Day Dangers

It’s a great feeling to receive gifts on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, many common V-Day gifts can be dangerous to dogs. Show your dog you love them by keeping any potential hazards away from them. Many types of flowers are toxic to dogs; azaleas, lilies, carnations, and tulips are particularly troublesome. Ingesting fallen flower petals from a bouquet, for example, can cause mild gastrointestinal issues or even fatal poisoning. Chocolate is also toxic to dogs. Other items that have been known to cause choking or intestinal blockages are ribbons, balloons/balloon strings, and the bead eyes/buttons of stuffed animals.


Don’t leave any of these items within reach of your dog; your best bet is to place them in a closed-off room or on the opposite side of an indoor electronic dog fence, wireless dog fence, or baby gate. If your dog is showing signs of sudden illness, call your veterinarian immediately.


Show Affection in the Right Ways

An important reminder, especially for children, is that dogs are not fond of hugs or kisses. While some dogs will tolerate them, they certainly don’t enjoy them. Remember to show your dog affection in ways that they will appreciate. Scratching their neck, chest, or behind their ears is one way; rubbing their belly or stroking their back is another. Begin by scratching or rubbing your dog for a few second, and wait for them to nudge you before continuing. Chances are your dog will love a nice, long cuddling session on the couch, but don’t force them.


Let Your Dog Indulge with Treats

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for you to indulge your sweet tooth with extra chocolate or dessert. Your dog loves treats, too, but never share yours with them. Instead, purchase some specially made dog treats. Giving your dog a treat they love but don’t get too often is an excellent way to brighten their mood. If you’re so inclined, bake them some homemade dog treats! Just remember to be cautious, as kitchen accidents involving dogs are far too common. The best thing you can do is keep your dog out of the kitchen entirely, either by placing a gate or a wireless dog fence in the threshold to block their access while you’re cooking.


If you don’t have time to make your own dog treats, or you forget to go to the pet store, there are some human foods your dog can enjoy in moderation. Peanut butter, popcorn without butter or salt, apples (never the core or seeds), and sweet potatoes are safe to give your dog.


Spoil Your Dog with a Fun Gift…

Of course, your dog really doesn’t understand what a holiday is, but that’s no reason not to spoil them, right? Indulging in a fun gift for your dog will be fun for both of you. A puzzle treat dispenser, tennis ball, rawhide bone, or a Frisbee are all things your dog might love. Since you know your dog the best, you’ll be sure to pick out a gift that they’ll really appreciate, according to their interests. As a bonus, take them to a dog park or out in your backyard, and spend some quality time with them playing with their new toy.


…Or Invest in Year-Round Safety

Another purchase idea is something your dog needs, even if they don’t know to appreciate it. Anything that can keep your dog safe or healthy is the perfect gift. For example, maybe your dog needs new ID tags or a new collar or harness. If you need it, now is the best time to purchase a fence. With a traditional fence or an invisible dog fence, your dog can enjoy running and roaming around your property. Other great safety items to consider are a doggie seat belt for the car and a microchip ID implant.


Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to pay some extra special attention to your dog. But even if you’re busy with another valentine, your dog will always be there, ready to spend some quality time whenever you are. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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