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September 14, 2017

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Dog-Friendly Walks in the Blue Mountains

Looking for dog-friendly walks in the Blue Mountains?

If you live close to Sydney, it has to be said that there’s no better place to bushwalk than the Blue Mountains but finding a place where dogs are permitted is no easy task.

Fortunately, there are a few official dog walks and off-leash areas that permit you and your best mate to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains.


Here are a few recommended and official dog-friendly walks in the Blue Mountains.


Charles Darwin Walk  – Wilson Park, Falls Road, Wentworth Falls

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Located in Wentworth Falls or ‘Wenty’ (as the locals say) Charles Darwin Walk is
 an easy walk from Wentworth Falls Railway station to the start of the walk-in Wilson Park.

The Charles Darwin Walk follows Jamison Creek to the Weeping Rock Track just above the actual Wentworth Falls. There is parking at the start of the walk-in Wilson Park, Falls Road, Wentworth Falls. Dogs must be leashed. *Do not continue this walk past Fletcher Street exit as you will be entering National Park where dogs are not permitted.




Horseshoe Falls Reserve, Hazelbrook

Horseshoe Falls Reserve, Hazelbrook

Also known as Burgess Falls Reserve, this dog-friendly walk is located in Hazelbrook, which is around 18kms outside of Katoomba NSW. This walking trail passes other waterfalls and is graded as medium.

The distance is 2.4 km each way and takes around 1 hr.

You can access Horseshoe Falls Reserve via 83 Oaklands Road.

Photo credit: Tucker 





Minnehaha Falls Walk – Minnie Ha Ha Road, off South Street, Katoomba

dog friendly blue mountains

Located in north Katoomba is Minnehaha Reserve, this fantastic walk, which is unknown by many, allows dogs as long as they are leashed.

The reserve is at the end of Minnie Ha Ha Road, off South Street.

Access is from Mike Eades Reserve.

The return walk takes around 1.5 hr. While this is a lovely walk, there are a series of 6 metal ladders to get to the bottom.







Old Airstrip (off-leash area) – Hat Hill Road, Blackheath

The area is within the perimeter of the runway and is bounded by Robb Avenue. Off-Leash Hours of use: Monday to Sunday 24 hours.


Other Dog-Friendly Walks

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Lawson Waterfall Circuit, located near Honour Ave and Livingstone Street, South Lawson

This is a great walk for dogs with four main waterfalls and several hidden smaller ones along the way.


Track Beside Leura Oval (off-leash area) –  Lone Pine Ave and Gordon Road, Leura

Gates at either end of a dirt track designate the off-leash area.

Hours of use: Monday to Sunday

Off-Leash Times: 5 am – 9 pm


Frank Walford Park (off leash area), Katoomba

Catalina Raceway on the old pit garage area inside the race circuit.

Hours of use: Monday to Sunday

Off-Leash Times: 5:00am to 9:00pm

Victory Cafe, Blackheath

dog friendly blue mountains

The Victory Café is located at the top of the Blue Mountains in the foyer of the old Victory Theatre at Blackheath.

It prides itself on being a warm and friendly meeting place with outside dining where locals and their pets can sit in the sun enjoying the best coffee in town.


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