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February 5, 2014

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Dog-Friendly Sydney: The Langham Hotel

Living it up at The Langham Sydney

Article by Sydney Dog’s Life

The other day Him Indoors looked up from spooning our dog on the sofa and remarked: “until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Ok, so maybe he didn’t phrase it quite as eloquently as writer Anatole France (what he actually said was “I love Harry so much I want to squeeze him really tight – do you think he would bite me?”) but the sentiment was the same.

First-time dog-owner Him Indoors is bewildered on a daily basis by the fact that he has fallen head over heels for a small hairy mammal, that leaves hair all over our furniture, has questionable personal hygiene and occasionally fishy breath.

And so, given the love affair between Harry and Him Indoors deepens by the day, it was only fitting that Him Indoors’ birthday weekend would be spent somewhere man’s best friend was also welcome.

Dog-friendly accommodation can be hard to find, so we were all delighted to discover that The Langham – one of our favourite Sydney hotels – also accepts canine guests.

pet friendly sydney

You’re absolutely sure I’m allowed in here?

On first entering, Harry’s nose was a-quiver at the lovely Langham scent (ginger flower) which wafts all around, but it wasn’t long before he was trotting around the place (with the exception of the bar and dining areas) like he had been born for a five-star lifestyle.

For an extra $70 a night, we were allocated one of the pet-friendly rooms, with a small balcony overlooking the harbour.

Pampered pets benefit from a turn-down service, when a plush pink (the Langham’s signature colour) velvet dog bed is delivered, along with pink bowls and some gourmet snacks for supper. The Langham website states a special pet room service menu is available but we weren’t told anything about this during our stay – no matter, we had brought along Harry’s regular dog food anyway.

pet friendly australia

Our distinguished dog enjoys some five-star opulence. And some gourmet dog treats.

The hotel does ask that dogs are not left unattended and so, when we headed out for dinner, we engaged the services of a pet-minder, arranged by the hotel. The sitter actually turned out to be from a (human) nanny agency – yes, Harry had his own Mary Poppins for the night! She glided in like a calming pheromone for us all and we were confident Harry was in capable hands.

The Langham management cite a growing demand for pet-friendly accommodation as the reasoning behind their decision to allow pets. Perhaps a sign of good things to come for those of us whose idea of fun involves a four-legged friend tagging along too?

As for Harry, he’s simply hoping his first taste of a luxury lifestyle won’t be his last.

Dog friendly NSW

Pretty in pink

If you have any recommendations for other pet-friendly accommodation in or around Sydney, please get in touch!


pet friendly sydney

In residence at The Langham.

The Langham Sydney, 89-113 Kent St, Sydney. Tel: (02) 9256 2222.