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January 27, 2022

Beau’s Biscuits Baking Mixes

Beau’s Biscuits Baking Mixes

Try Beau’s Biscuits Baking Mixes created with love for your fur baby.


Since I try to eat gluten-free as often as possible myself, I was keen to sample these human-grade dog-treat baking mixes. They are all-natural and animal naturopath approved.  Carefully selected ingredients go into Beau’s Grain Free Dog Food Baking Mixes to make them not only convenient and easy to make, but most importantly healthy and full of doggy goodness.


Beau’s Biscuits Baking Mixes


The ingredients are grain-free and include some doggie favourites such as pumpkin, bone broth, beetroot, turmeric, and cinnamon. Mix and Bake to create Doggie Biscuits, Red Velvet Pup Crepes, Pumpkin’ Donuts, and Bo-Bo Biscuits that you know your pup will go barking mad for!


Beau's Biscuits Baking Mix


DIY suggested recipes

We followed the recipe for Beau’s Biscuits Baking Mixes by adding bananas, organic peanut butter, and an egg for our cooking session – just be mindful if you are adding bananas for the first time to your dog’s diet it may upset their tummy if they are not used to it.


Beau's Biscuits Baking Mix

This was a fun activity to try, we were lucky to find a pet paw and dog bone cutter in our local store – even the cat involved with the preparation!


In terms of expiry dates and how long the biscuits will last, it’s best to pop them in the freezer where they will last for up to 3 months. In warmer weather, they may spoil quickly due to having absolutely no nasties in them at all. So a few days in the fridge and 3 months in the freezer is recommended.


Beau's Biscuits Baking Mix
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What’s the Story Behind Beau’s Biscuits? 

Made after their beloved Beau, a beautiful staffy cross, who they lost earlier in 2021. He was part of their family for 11-years, he grew up with their kids who are now tweens & teens.


Giving back

When you buy you’re also becoming part of the solution with $1 from every purchase going to pawsome charities. As a social enterprise, Beau’s Biscuits hope to make a huge difference!


How much?

Dog Baking Mix From $14.95

Works out at $0.16 per mini biscuit!

1kg packs can make over 100 mini treats!

Cookie Cutter:  $4.00


Where from?

You can buy Beau’s Biscuits online visit their website, Facebook at www.facebook.com/DogBakingMixes, or Instagram account @beausgrainfreebiscuits for more information.




Beau's Biscuits Baking Mix
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