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January 3, 2022

6 Essentials When Traveling With A Kitten

6 Essentials When Traveling With A Kitten

As much as you’d love to explore the world with your beloved feline friends, cats are generally not the best choice for travel companions. Your dogs may happily jump into your vehicle for a relaxing car ride, but cats would prefer to dig their claws into you and continuously meow and wrestle with you during the entire ride. It is even more likely to happen if you travel with a kitten.

But even with this fact, travelling with your beloved kitten is possible as long as you come well-prepared. So before flying or going on a road trip, make sure to have the best shopping list for kitten essentials on hand first and take some time to assemble the necessary items for your kitten.

To start, here are six essentials you shouldn’t miss when travelling with a kitten.


  1. Cat Carrier

The first thing you must have was a cat carrier. It’s never a good idea to let your kitten on the loose during your travels as it could freely jump around, sneak under your feet or the gas pedal, or worse, jump outside of the running vehicle. Keep in mind that cats and kittens tend to get restless and tense, especially when exposed to unfamiliar surroundings. To keep your cat safely tucked during the entire trip, you can put it inside a car carrier. You may also add some blankets that smell like you or your home to make them feel at home and secure.

Choose a cat carrier made from leak-proof materials and features holes on 2-3 sides for proper ventilation during the trip. Also recommended you label their bearer with a sign ‘Live Animal’ so strangers and cargo staff must know that there’s an animal inside. If you’ve never used a cat carrier for your kitten before, you can run some practices by putting your kitten inside and taking it for short trips. See how your kitten reacts to the feeling of being contained in a cat carrier and do it often until your feline friend gets used to it.


  1. Food And Water

If you’re thinking of feeding your kitten food from the hotel or wherever you’re going, you have to know that it is not advisable. Randomly changing your kitten’s diet during your vacation could only lead to your pet having digestive problems and unsolicited poop mess everywhere. Instead of relying on the hotel’s food or hunting cat food from a new supermarket, the best option is to pack cat food from your home. As much as possible, stick to the same feeding schedule for your kitten.

Water is also crucial for your kitten during travels. He might even need to drink more water than often, especially if you’re travelling to a tropical or warmer climate. While sourcing your cat’s water from the new area is fine, letting them drink water from a new city or country could be odd for their tummy. If possible, take a few bottles of water from your home, too, and let them rehydrate frequently.


  1. Litter Box

Part of your kitten’s basic needs is their very own toilet room. Remember that cats are not like humans who can do their business from different toilets at any time. Thus, you’re going to provide your kitten with their bathroom facility, which they can go to anytime they need to pee or poop. You can buy small, disposable cardboard and make it into a cat litter box. Moreover, it’s also ideal in making a few stops along the way for your kitten’s potty breaks.

Don’t forget to bring some plastic bags and a little scoop to use in picking up and disposing of their little presents. You can also spray some natural air fresheners to eliminate the aroma from their litter.


  1. Toys And Treats

Keep your kitty happy and preoccupied during the trip by bringing along some cat toys for him to enjoy. Keep in mind that they wouldn’t love the sun or the comfy bedsheets of the hotel room the same way you do. So, pack some of their favourite toys to remind them of something from home. You can also reward your kitten with tasty treats for being a patient companion and tagging along with you on this trip (especially if they’re unwilling in the first place).


  1. Cat First-Aid Kit

Don’t forget to bring a first-aid kit for your kitten just in case they get sick or injured during the trip. Some essential items to include in your first-aid kit are:

  • Digital thermometer
  • Gauze
  • Eyedropper
  • Scissors and tweezers
  • Cotton balls
  • Non-stick bandages with adhesives
  • Eye wipes
  • Ear cleaning solution

Preferably, pack the travel-sized options of these items so you can easily carry them with you anywhere.


  1. Identification And Medical Certificates

Before leaving, make sure your kitten is wearing a collar with ID tags featuring your name, contact number, and address. Microchipping and adding a GPS on your cat will also be helpful during your travels in case your cat gets lost or runs away during your trip.

Also, it is recommended to take your kitten for a vet check-up a few days before your scheduled travel. It ensures your pet is healthy and fit to travel with you. Then, ask for medical certificates signed by the vet as you may need to present them when crossing state lines.


Wrapping Up

There you go! Let this list help you ensure that your feline friend is happy, healthy, and thriving during your travels.


6 Essentials When Traveling With A Kitten