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February 21, 2016

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Kunkush: The Refugee Cat

Image from Reunite Dias


This story will renew your faith in humanity.

A family pet from Iraq that got lost, almost as soon as he reached Greece, was lucky enough to have an international campaign launched to try to track down his owners.

According to the Facebook page Reunite Dias, set up to help to help find the cat’s family, “the tiny Turkish Van was about 3 years old when he came over on a rubber boat with his family from Mosul, Iraq.”

Sadly, he got scared and separated from his family after arriving in Europe.

“The family looked with the help of volunteers for several hours but had no luck finding him. They were devastated having to go on to camp without him. He resurfaced a week or so later in the fisherman village that is Skala Sykmanenia.”

A foster family in Germany took him in while the family was searched for via flyers and social media.

The Facebook page Reunite Dias was founded on 14 December 2015 and has documented his adventure to Berlin, Germany in search of his family.

The family were eventually located and were living in Norway.

The Go Fund Me campaign raised the much-needed funds to get Kunkush to his family. More than 4,000 Facebook users have been supporting Kunkush’s campaign.