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January 3, 2019

Your Dogs First Holiday: 5 Checklist Essentials32

Your Dog’s First Holiday

Your Dog’s First Holiday: 5 Essentials Checklist

How exciting, you’ve booked (or are thinking of booking) a getaway for you and your pooch to accompany you at your chosen pet-friendly accommodation. Now, you probably have a good idea of all the things you will need to bring for you, but where do you begin when thinking of your best friend? To save you from uncertainty, the below list has been compiled for owners planning to whisk their pup away on holiday, by providing you with some of the essentials you’ll need to keep them happy, healthy and safe on your stay-away.

Collar And Lead

Even the well trained, older pets require a collar and a lead for a whole host of important reasons when you’re on holiday. Firstly you can’t reasonably predict what your dog’s behaviour will be like when they first visit an entirely new setting. So to avoid a headache and heartache of them running off and being unable to locate their way back to you, keeping them on a lead is essential until they’ve warmed to their surroundings. It’s also a requirement at the vast majority of caravan parks and campsites for your pet to be leashed at all time unless they are in a designated off-leash area. It is also to prevent your pup and others attempting to play/fight on vacation. Keep the peace by keeping them on a lead until the coast is clear and you feel they’re ready to explore safely.


Taking your pet to a new location may to an extent be quite frightening, outside of the comfort zone of your home and neighbourhood, in a new environment amongst new people, it may be harder to find your pet if they happened to wander off. Which is why ID as always is an essential precautionary measure to warn others your dog has an owner. However, when you go on holiday be sure to remember to add your holiday address alongside your home address so that anyone who finds your pup can see where you are staying to reunite you with your dog.


To be extra cautious of your pet’s whereabouts on holiday, if you haven’t already, it is a requirement by law in many states to have your dog microchipped. This will ensure you can locate your dogs’ location should they disappear, and not break any rules. To prepare in advance of your holiday, just search for ‘a vet near me’ on Google, and book an appointment asap at a local vet to request an appointment.

Food And Water

Avoid expecting to find the dog food your pet is accustomed to on holiday, and stock up with their regular meals and treats to keep them going throughout their vacation. This will save a disruption in their meal routine and sustain their healthy diet. Your pet shall also need a bowl, for drinking water from and keeping hydrated alongside eating their meals out of. Lightweight, portable bowls will be better for packing and carrying as opposed to ceramic dishes.

Pet Comforts

Bear in mind, a new place might very well overwhelm your pup, with its new smells, people, surroundings and other foreign pets. This is why it might be a nice idea to bring along a blanket, bed or toy, with theirs and their home scent on, for a bit of home comfort to calm your anxious dog on the journey and in their temporary accommodation with you while you’re away on holiday.

Ensuring your dog is happy, healthy and safe while on vacation with you is essential for providing you have a good holiday as a family. By taking steps to check off some of the essentials above in advance, will save you panicking and rushing around before the vacation.