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June 13, 2014

world cup pets 2014

World Cup Pets 2014

World Cup Pets

We love sharing our passion for the world game with pictures of your patriotic pets.

To celebrate the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, we invited you to post photos of your pets in their team’s kit!

Here are some of the best participants.

pet friendly accommodation

Buddy says ‘go Socceroooo-oooooos!!’ 


Photo provided by Natalie Summers.


World Cup Cat Mexico

‘Viva Mexico Cabrones.’  





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Teddy the German Schnauzer. 




world cup pets 2014

This is Maroubra.

Photo provided by Marcos Lage Cajazeira Ramos.


world cup pets  

Rosie is getting behind the Samurai Blue!


Use the hashtag #wcpets when posting!



To see your pets here please post your photos of our pet-friendly page.