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October 2, 2018

Where to Take Your Pet in Queensland

Where to Take Your Pet in Queensland

Where to Take Your Pet in Queensland

Your house is not a home without a pet, and to you, your pet isn’t just another living being to look after; it’s your treasured baby. That is evident in the way you spoil her with the copious amounts of squeaky toys and plushies scattered around the floor – and a never-ending supply of treats.

You’ve dedicated your life to make your pet happy, even to the point of protecting your furniture to keep the fur away, just so he or she can have a spot on the lounge. Your pet is your world, and you’ve decided that it’s time you both saw the world together; so, you want to take him with you on a road trip; starting with your homeland, Australia.

Imagine you have been on the road for hours and upon reaching Queensland, you’re getting tired and can’t stand the thought of spending another night trying to sleep in your car due to the limited amount of dog-friendly accommodation en route. But where can you stay that allows pets? The good news is the list of pet-friendly properties in Queensland is growing.


Where to Take Your Pet in Queensland

BIG4 Holiday Park

Scattered along the coast is the BIG4 franchise. This is a great choice, because not only does it have pet-friendly cabins available, some locations, such as the Gold Coast Holiday Park even include dog grooming and dog-sitting services. This means you will be able to take a night out or go sightseeing without worrying about your dog getting into mischief while you’re away!



Where to Take Your Pet in Queensland


Queensland is home to many major attractions but perhaps the most famous of them all is the Great Barrier Reef. Whether you are looking for a place to stay, or just an outing, there are plenty of beaches that offer pet-friendly accommodation, and leash-free freedom for your dog.

Prices vary from $14/ night for unpowered camping at Lync-Haven Rainforest Retreat near Cairns, to $126/ night at 1770 Horizons Holiday House, if you prefer a more lavish vacation. Whichever dog-friendly beach you choose, your canine is bound to love the adventure!


Where to Take Your Pet in Queensland


If you’ve had enough of beaches and would like to check out the outback, there is pet-friendly accommodation scattered around. From roughly $70/ night, the top trending pet-friendly place in Emerald, home to many gem fields, is Emerald Tourist Park, which accepts dogs and cats.

The furthest most inner place in Queensland that offers pet-friendly accommodation is Mount Isa, where there is a cluster of options to choose from. Most of the prices there range from $100 – $130/ night.



Where to Take Your Pet in Queensland

Caravan Parks

If none of these options suit you, or they’re unavailable where you want to go, the one place you can generally trust to offer pet-friendly accommodation is a caravan park. Many are scattered across the countryside; and although some of the more upmarket ones with better facilities can be a little pricey, most of them offer decent prices for your stay, and plenty of places for your dog to… sniff; yeah, sniff!

At the end of the day, there is nothing better than spending quality time with your beloved pet; and when you travel across the countryside, there is no reason why you can’t bring them along for the ride.

With plenty of places that offer decently priced pet-friendly accommodation, your fur baby can go sightseeing right by your side, helping to create a lifetime of worthwhile memories. So, wherever you decide to venture next, don’t forget to bring your faithful companion along; they want to be with you, too!


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Where to Take Your Pet in Queensland

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