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September 26, 2022

What To Do With Your Pets When You Go On Holiday

What To Do With Your Pets When You Go On Holiday

We all love to travel because what’s better than seeing new places and experiencing fresh things every year? However, the drawback is that we often have to leave our furry little friends behind and it gets harder each time.


Of course, there are solutions for having a great trip and ensuring your lovable pet isn’t sad and lonely when you’re jetting off somewhere exotic.


If you’re new to the whole process of going on a trip and finding out somewhere to put your pets, then we’re going to provide some useful tips for all the holidaymakers out there.


Consider taking your pet with you

Who says you have to leave your adorable pet behind when you travel? Taking a road trip with a dog, for example, is a great way for your four-legged friend to experience new sights and scents.


Plus, you can save money by not having to bother with kennels or sitters, and you’ll know your dog is perfectly safe because they’re with you. Taking a dog with you can work well if you’re going camping, especially, as a tent or caravan park is a good spot for canines.


Some hotels or AirBnbs are often dog friendly too, but remember to just make sure you know these useful tips for how to remove pet hair if you’re staying in a rented place. You don’t want to risk not getting your bond back or bad reviews on your account!


Not all hounds are happy to go on the road, as they can either get nervous in new surroundings or even over-excited by causing a bit of mayhem. Cats are perhaps even less suitable for taking with you, as their habit of wandering off makes it hard to find them again in a new area.


Use a pet sitter

A pet sitter is a fantastic idea because it means we can leave our pet in a home it already knows. A pet sitter will visit your home and pick up the dog for walks, feeding, and toilet time. Especially if you’ve got a cat, dog, and even houseplants to think about on holiday, a pet sitter can handle all these tasks.


There are websites such as Mad Paws that let you choose a pet sitter based on their profile and experience with animals. Some will stay at your home for the duration of the holiday, while others can simply visit your house a few times a day to check on your pet.


Take your pet to a cattery or kennel

Your local vet isn’t just a place for checking your pet, as many businesses even deliver boarding services for cats, dogs, and other small animals. It might not be as comfortable as a real home and your pet can be near other animals that could be sick, but it’s not the worst idea if you’re running out of options.

Perhaps the most classic selection for taking your pet somewhere for your holidays are catteries or kennels.

These places can range in quality, so you really get what you pay for, but there are many options that are clean, large, and have other animals your pet can play with when you’re away.

There are several kennels and catteries in every town or city, so either check online or ask other pet owners if they know of one with a good price and reputation. Some places even pamper your pets and could be classed as resorts, which means your dog or cat is possibly having a better holiday than you!


Leave them with a trusted friend or family member

Lastly, a great option for your pet is to leave it at someone’s home that you trust. This could be a good friend, family member, or even a friendly neighbour, so long as you know your pet is in good hands when you leave.

Anyone who already has some cats or dogs in their own home is great, as you know your pet won’t be lonely with other animals around. You just have to hope your pet gets along with the others!

If this is your only plan, then ensure your pet has met the person you’re leaving it with beforehand, as well as any other pets, so ensure that everything will be smooth sailing when your vacation gets underway.


You just don’t have someone you can trust to take care of your cat or dog? Then there are pet sitters who will take in your pet when you’re on holiday. This is the next best thing to a friend or family member, as you will have the utmost confidence that your pet is treated well by someone who already knows and loves animals.


If the idea of someone relatively unknown staying at your home makes you uncomfortable, then browsing around on Pawshake will help with regard to finding a pet sitter where you can drop off your pet with peace of mind when you’re relaxing on holiday.