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June 28, 2018

What Happens When You Adopt A Senior Dog?

What Happens When You Adopt A Senior Dog?

What Happens When You Adopt A Senior Dog?

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to adopt a pet, it’s fair to say that you must have come across campaigns begging you to give senior animals, dogs or cats primarily, a chance. If you have never had a pet before, it’s true that  taking an old dog will prove a smooth experience, compared with running after an enthusiastic puppy in a desperate attempt to rescue your favourite pair of shoes from its energetic teeth – here’s the truth: You can’t, puppies will leave a trail of destruction behind them until they are properly trained. Old dogs are quiet and peaceful, and, as they’ve been trained, they are less likely to destroy your precious belongings. Nevertheless, you need to be ready for what there is to come with a senior animal if you want to make it work for both of you.

What Happens When You Adopt A Senior Dog?

Know what to expect with an old dog

Senior dogs might come with health issues

First of all, it’s crucial that you realise that old pets are not always healthy. Some might have suffered when they were with a previous owner – unfortunately, there are a lot of very nasty people – while others are simply struggling with the natural health concerns of aging. Joint pains, for instance, is a common concern for dogs of a certain age, even if they have had a healthy lifestyle. In this case, you might want to plan an appointment with an orthopaedic vet specialist to evaluate what could be done to help your furry friend. Don’t let these health troubles stop you, though. But, it would be unfair to pretend they don’t exist. When you choose to adopt an old dog, you need to set aside a budget for potential vet requirements.

Depending on their experience, they can need time to adjust

Senior dogs are a lot calmer than young puppies. But it doesn’t mean that they will get used to their new life overnight. In fact, if a dog has been through a traumatic experience, it can be difficult for them to trust their new surroundings. Be patient with them. You can help with an aromatherapy spritz, to calm down their nerves. This is especially useful for encouraging a social behaviour in your home. But you can also use it to help your dog relax on holiday, which is recommended if your friend has been abandoned in the past. Ultimately, you need to create a place for them in your home: a bed, a bowl for food, a bowl for water, some toys, and a comfy blanket can make a great deal of difference.

They’ll show you their joy soon enough

When you give an old dog a home, you also comfort its fears and loneliness. You can be sure that the attention you give your old friend will be appreciated and cherished! More importantly, as you build a loving bond between the two of you, you can expect your dog to become more docile and relaxed. And when you know you’re giving your senior friend the time of their life, there’s no reason to hesitate.

The hair is a little white on the nose. The paws might be a little hesitant. But old dogs make perfect friends! When you choose to adopt, you need to understand that you meet an animal that has had a previous life before you. Accept its health conditions and its first nervosity. With a lot of love and care, you can make an old dog happy!