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November 1, 2016

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Uncovering the Costs of Owning a Pet

Uncovering the Costs of Owning a Pet

There are plenty of households out there that are just itching to buy their first pet – particularly those with small children! However, few of the households actually understand the real costs of pet ownership.

It’s vital that you know what you will be taking on – not just the responsibility of an additional family member, but also the expense. It’s because of this that many of the nation’s animal rescue centres are full to the brim. So, before making your decision, read on to find out what you can expect to spend over the course of your new pet’s life.


Initial payment

Unless you get a pet from an animal shelter, a friend, or a family member, you will be paying money for your pet. How much that will depend on a lot of different things. A hamster, for example, will set you back peanuts in comparison to a dog. But at the same time, some dogs are much more expensive than others, due to their rarity of breed, or even their popularity. Right now, for example, there is a great clamour for French Bulldog puppies – which can cost you several thousand dollars. Find a puppy on Gumtree, however, and you could spend very little.


Insurance is an additional cost to consider. And, depending on the breed of your animal, it can be another high monthly payment. Don’t go without, however, If your pet is ill it can cost a small fortune in veterinary bills. There are websites out there that provide pet insurance reviews – they should help you find the right plan for your new family member. Get as much cover as you think is necessary, and never skimp on your pet insurance.


The ongoing expense of owning a pet comes primarily from the food you buy. Again, it’s best not to skimp on quality, no matter what pet you have. While you don’t have to go down the luxury route, you should ensure that your cat or dog is enjoying a balanced diet. Smaller pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs are a lot cheaper to feed, of course. But you can expect to spend a lot on crude fibre products, such as hay.


Vet bills

OK, so your insurance might cover you for illnesses and accidents as your pet gets older. But you will still end up paying a little more. Some procedures won’t be covered by your insurance. There will be recommended products that your vet might suggest that will be outside of your plan. For example, if your dog is suffering from dry skin, your insurance provider may not allow the treatment. All the costs will be down to you.

Toys, equipment and health basics

Your pets will only thrive if they have the right environment surrounding them. And, unfortunately, all of that is going to cost you money. Whether it’s a simple Kong toy for your dog or a top-of-the-range hutch for your rabbit, it all adds up. Then, there are the specialist items, such as halters, head collars, and harnesses. Finally, don’t forget, there is a high likelihood your pet will end up damaging something in your home. It’s inevitable – they just don’t have the same love for your Chesterfield sofa as you do!

Please think carefully about buying a pet – the costs might end up surprising you!