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October 19, 2019

Travelling With A Pet What Do I Need To Prepare?

What do I need to prepare?

Whenever there’s a holiday planned, many of us nowadays are unwilling to leave our pets behind.

In order to do this successfully, we often ask when travelling with a pet what do I need to prepare?

This preparation guide has been designed to assist with your pet’s next trip. The purpose of this is to enable you to take your furbaby without worrying that you may have forgotten something important.


Ample food and water

Pet owners can carry a special pet water bottle with them, to ensure their pet has enough water while on the road. Food also needs to be stocked. If it’s a long trip, you need to bring your pet’s favourite food. Remember if you buy pet food at the last minute and change the brand, your pet may not be willing to eat it or could get an upset tummy because he or she is not used to the food.


Take a Leash

While being outside with your pet is fun, it’s necessary to be safe when walking the dog (or cat).

During the trip, pets can easily runoff, so to avoid any accidents it is better to have your pets leashed in unknown places.

Many caravan parks and hotels also require this as a condition of entry. You may also meet people who are afraid of dogs in tourist parks or accommodation. In order to avoid upsetting anyone, pet owners are often asked to have their pets leashed, which is to protect the dog and respect others.


Pick poop for your pet

Equip yourself with good poop picking equipment – it’s also polite!

There’s nothing worse than being inconsiderate of others, and now there’s a range of non-plastic poop bags available that means you do your bit to help to protect the environment.

For those who are used to using toilet pads, pet owners should remember to carry items such as padding.


Prepare a first aid kit

Prepare hemostatic powder for trauma, medical alcohol, iodine, elastic bandages, large pieces of gauze, etc. You can also prepare some internal medicine like anti-inflammatory drugs, medicines for regulating the stomach and so on.

Check the contact information of pet hospitals along the way in advance. Or purchase a pet first aid kit in case of emergencies.


Don’t keep your pets in the car

The tragedy of leaving pets in hot cars has been well documented. If you need to get out your car, please bring your pets with you, or find an appropriate place outside and preferably with someone, so that they are not left unattended or at risk.



Even if your pet is microchipped we suggest having an ID tag attached to their collar, this will save time if they are lost and can be returned to you sooner.


Although travelling with pets is a great experience, it’s not always easy to think of everything your pet needs while on the road. Pet owners should choose items carefully before embarking on a trip to make sure the journey is fun for everyone.