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December 6, 2019

Travelling With Pets Tips and Tricks

Traveling with Pets: Tips and Tricks

When you are traveling by yourself, it can get quite chaotic as well as stressful, and even more so if you are unprepared. However, when you are traveling with your pet, it becomes stressful not just for you but also for your small companion. If you prepare thoroughly, you can make the journey as comfortable as possible. Here are some tips and tricks for traveling with pets.


Make a visit to the vet

If you want to travel to another country, you need to make sure you know what documents are required so that you can enter it without issues. You also need to make sure that your pet has all vaccines and rabies records updated. Furthermore, you need to know what other types of tests need to be done.

If you want to make sure you do not encounter any flea-issues, you can find information about efficient drops you can use on Drfoxmag.com. Another thing you should do is get your pet’s own passport, as this is a requirement in most countries worldwide.

In case you have not microchipped your dog or cat, you ought to ask your vet to implant a 15-digit ISO Standard pet microchip. Again, most countries require this form of identification, and you should also register your contact info in a microchip database.

Moving on, it is recommended to ask your veterinarian for more information about traveling with your pet, telling him or her where you are going, as well as for how long. You can also ask for a referring vet in your area of destination, just in case. You need to be prepared with medications for motion sickness, and even tranquilizers that only your veterinarian can tell you about.

It is true that most of these details can be found online, but it is only a veterinarian who knows your pet that can provide relevant information, based on your animal’s species, age, weight, size, and medical records.


Traveling equipment

Depending on your companion’s size and means of traveling, you should purchase an appropriate pet carrier or pet crate. The item you select should permit your pet to stand up and turn around, but also to lay down comfortably. Moreover, the carrier or crate should be free of any type of interior bulges that could cause injuries.

Good ventilation and a waterproof bottom are two other important features you ought to keep in mind when you purchase the carrier. To avoid unwanted incidents, your name, as well as your pet’s, should be printed or attached to the crate alongside your address and phone number.

In order to make it as easy and as comfortable as possible for your pet, you should buy the carrier several weeks before the trip and allow him or her to get used to the unit.

If you force your pet into the carrier on the day of the trip, you will cause him or her a lot of unnecessary stress and discomfort. In case you are traveling by plane, you should also check with the airline to see which brands of crate they allow, and if your pet has to travel in the cargo hold, what precautions they have for safe travel.


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What to pack

When traveling with a pet, any veterinary documents required for your companion’s travel need to be in your possession, as well as any medication, if that is the case. You should also pack a leash and an extra collar, especially for dogs. If you are traveling by automobile, you should use an old blanket under the carrier.

Depending on the destination and the conditions there, packing a couple of sheets in order to cover the furniture would be a good idea. In case your pet only eats a certain type of food and you do not know whether you will find it at your destination or not, you should also take a container of food with you.

Of course, you should not forget about a portable water and food dish. Furthermore, grooming supplies such as a brush, scissors, tweezers, or a lint remover for hotel furniture should not be missing from your pet’s bags. If you travel with a cat, you should remember to pack a portable litter tray.

A carpet cleaner and disinfectant is also a good idea to have, as you can never know when you might need it. Also, you should not forget to pack a first aid kit for humans as well as for pets. If your pet has any favorite toys, you should pack those too.