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April 5, 2019

The World’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs

The World’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs

Mad Paws Easter Egg Hunt – the world’s largest Easter Egg Hunt for dogs is being held on 13th April 2019.


Taking place over five cities and synchronised over time zones, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin, and Brisbane will see dogs and their humans take part in some fun and games, kicking off the largest dog Easter Egg Hunt in the world.


We chat with Thomas Derricott, Community Manager at Mad Paws, Australia’s largest pet sitting network, to find out more about the event and the inspiration behind it.

The World’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs


What was the inspiration for Mad Paws Easter Egg Hunt?

Easter is a magical time of year for many families. Whether as a religious holiday or simply a time for everyone to eat chocolate, it’s a time to be merry. The Easter Egg Hunt forms a cornerstone in countless childhoods, and we thought: why should humans have all the fun?!


Beyond watching our pooches hunt for (non-chocolate) Easter treats, it’s also a great opportunity for members of Australia’s dog-loving community to meet each other.


When did it begin? Where was the first event held?

The first event was hosted in Sydney in 2017. This year, we’re taking the Easter Egg Hunt to five cities: Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Brisbane, and Melbourne. With each hunt set to commence at the same time, it’s set to be the world’s largest doggy Easter Egg Hunt!


Are there any plans to expand the Easter Hunt to other cities? 

Absolutely! Next year, we’re hoping to host the hunt in every capital city in Australia.


What has been your greatest achievement in starting this event? 

The event’s greatest achievement has been uniting dog lovers around a common cause. There are so many Pet Owners in Sydney who love their dogs, but they often don’t have a reason to meet. With our past Easter Egg Hunts, dog lovers met, formed friendships, and even organised playdates for their furry friends. This year, we’re hoping to replicate the feat across five cities.


How have you confirmed that it is the world’s largest Easter Hunt for Dogs?

While we haven’t contacted the Guinness Book of World Records, we’ve done our research, and we haven’t found any Doggy Easter Egg Hunts approaching this size. Next year, we might call Guinness and set our sights on making it official!


Why should people attend the event?

There are many reasons for Dog Owners to attend the event with their pooches. Firstly, it’s an activity through which you and your dog can bond. As you’ll be searching for the treats, your dog will associate every treat they find with their Owner. In other words, with each new treat, they’ll love their Owner even more.


Secondly, as we mentioned above, it’s a chance to participate in your local pet-loving community. In addition to the Easter Egg Hunt, the event will also host doggy games, prizes, and pet-related Q&A sessions with Australia’s best Pet Sitters. By the end of the day, you could have a dog full of treats, a bag full of prizes, and a mind full of dog facts.


Thirdly, it will be like your regular daily dog walk, only with more treats!


Do you have any other events planned for the future? 

Aside from next year’s Easter Egg Hunt, our next big calendar moment will be “Take Your Dog to Work Day” on Monday 24 June. Last year, we brought 14 dogs into the office, and it was bliss. This year, we aim to break that record – all in the name of furry love.



When: 13th April, at synchronised times


Where: Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, and Brisbane


The Mad Paws Easter Egg Hunt will take place at the following locations and times:


Darwin – 10:30 Marlow Lagoon Pet Park, Palmerston, Darwin


Brisbane – 11:00 Kalinga Park, Brisbane


Melbourne – 12:00 Fawkner Park, Melbourne


Sydney – 12:00 Glebe Foreshore Parks, Glebe, Sydney


Canberra – 12:00 Yarralumla Dog Park, Banks Street, Canberra




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