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October 24, 2019

The best doggie days out in Melbourne.

The Best Doggie Days Out in Melbourne

Looking for the best doggie days out in Melbourne?


Living in a fast-paced world, it’s important to take time for ourselves and to get out and explore our surroundings.


Some people function on a work to home routine, but this lifestyle can quickly lead to burnout. On your day off, you may feel a pang of guilt when you consider going out for a day on the town if you know that your furry friend will be stuck home alone. Fortunately, Melbourne is full of activities your dog can tag along on.


From shopping to eating, there are many experiences that you can share with your dog anytime. There are also special events that take place annually, like the Dog Days of Summer Festival and the Barkly Barks Dog Festival.


The best doggie days out in Melbourne.

  1. Take your pet shopping. Chapel Street Precinct in Prahran

Look out for the ‘Paw-on-the-floor Sticker’ at Chapel Street Precinct to let you know where your pet is welcome. Unlike big shopping centres, our fur-friends are now welcome in over 300+ Chapel Street Precinct businesses in places you would never guess! A pet-friendly shopping experience means you can enjoy leisurely time or get errands done while also getting your dog out for some exercise and socialisation.


The best doggie days out in Melbourne.

  1. Ascot Lot, 448-462 Mt Alexander Rd, Ascot Vale VIC 3032

With several pet events throughout the year, which include “Chris-Mutts in July,” this food truck stop and bar is one place you’ll want to check out. You can grab a drink and choose from a variety of different cuisines.


  1. Melbourne River Cruises, Berth 2, Southbank Promenade, Southbank VIC 3006

The company offers a daily pet-friendly service for well-behaved pets. With cruises departing daily, you can embark on an adventure that pairs city views with scenic waterway landscapes.


  1. Melbourne’s Indoor Doggy Market, 3 Aylward Ave, Thomastown

This monthly dog-friendly market welcomes dogs on leash and has stalls that offer Australia’s best dog products and services. The market operates from 9am to 1pm and entry is FREE of cost.


The Best Doggie Days Out in Melbourne

  1. Puppy Pub Crawl

Pubby Pub Crawl holds various events throughout the year across Melbourne. Walk your pooch for beers, wines, dog cocktails, dog beers, dog pizzas and socialising. This is a great way to meet other dog owners and potential doggie playdate partners.


  1. Dog Days of Summer Festival

Check out the dog show or visit vendors selling special canine-only items at the Dog Days of Summer Festival. This annual event is open to the public and offers physical activities like racing and Frisbee tossing for your dog.


  1. Dog-Friendly Tour operated by Gourmet Pawprints – Dog-Friendly Tours

Hop on the dog-friendly tour bus to do some sightseeing. Tours set out in the morning and offer a variety of activities like hikes, picnics, and tea.


  1. Barkly Barks Dog Festival, Brunswick’s Barkly Square

Don’t miss this fun festival that only comes once a year. It’s a great activity for meeting up with friends and fellow dog owners.


  1. Merri Creek Trail, Merri Creek Trail Bridge, Abbotsford VIC 3067

Located in the suburbs of Melbourne, the trail is popular with dog walkers and bike riders. Be aware that gets busy on the weekends. All of the Merri Creek Trail is a ‘dogs-on-lead’ area due to the presence of wildlife. The dedicated off-lead areas are marked by signs. The trail starts at Dights Falls near where the Merri Creek and Yarra River meet.


  1. You Yangs Regional Park

Visit this volcanic terrain for a hike or site-seeing adventure. The park is pet-friendly as long as your dog is on a lead at all times.

A day out on the town or into nature doesn’t have to mean leaving your doggie at home. Melbourne is a city for the pet-lover, offering a variety of activities for you and your furry friend to embark on. Whether you are looking for a weekly adventure or a special one-day event, there is something for you and your pup in Melbourne.


Taking your dog’s temperament and unique personality into consideration may help you determine which activities are most suitable for you and your furry companion. For instance, sociable dogs may do well at a pub crawl or festival while dogs with somewhat neurotic personalities might do better on a weekday shopping trip, where there will be fewer crowds.


About the Author:

Lindsey Harper has always been a pet lover since she got her first puppy as a kid. She is the co-founder of AvidPup.com, a pet blog where guides and tips are shared so dog lovers can raise their pups healthy and happy.