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May 8, 2022

Smiley Dog

Smiley Dog

Australian-made and owned Smiley Dog provides a range of natural and organic grooming products that will make your furry best friend look, feel and smell amazing.

Launched in 2009, Smiley Dog has been providing the product of choice to over 1,000 professional dog groomers for over a decade. Their wholesale range supports professional dog groomers with a range of natural and organic shampoos, conditioners, and colognes that come in different flavours suitable to different breeds, skin types, and coat types.


We caught up with them to find out more about their eco-friendly, community-focussed range.


Can you tell us about the products?

One of our most popular is our Chamomile & Lavender range which is great to use in dogs who are a little anxious about bath time. We also offer retail-sized products in the same flavours for home use. We launched Smiley Dog purely out of our unbreakable love forSmiley Dog our dogs and our respect for professional dog groomers. We wanted to create something that was completely Australian-made & owned and uses only the most gentle and effective natural and organic ingredients that prevent irritation, itchiness, and residue.




What’s the story behind the name?

We believe dogs should be as happy as they make us. When discussing our business plan with a few close friends, one suggested the name ‘Smiley Dog’ and we thought it was perfect as it embodies the brands values. We want our furry best friends to look, feel and smell amazing while being happy! We ensured the range would make dogs happy and make their humans happy too, by removing unpleasant smells. The products keep dogs clean and fresh for up to 4-weeks and the subtle and safe natural ingredients ensure the gorgeous scents are noticeable to humans without being overpowering for their four-legged friends.


Do you have any pets?

We sure do! We have an American Staffy Cross called Bacchus as he was born in Bacchus Marsh! He loves to ‘talk’ a lot, especially at work, which is where he comes with us each day. He loves to wag his tail and growl when he wants to be noticed. His nickname is ‘Baccie’ and we couldn’t ask for a more loyal and sweet dog. He regularly features on our Instagram page eating ice cream! We also used to have a gorgeous English Staffy called ‘Sonny’ who is now resting in doggy heaven, and we miss him dearly.


What are the benefits of pet colognes when travelling with pets?

This is such a popular product for travellers, especially those that take their dog camping near water! When the dogs return to camp after a swim the ‘wet dog’ aroma is quite unpleasant for everyone. Our pet colognes come in 8 x different aromas and as well as providing a long-lasting fragrance on the coat, they also fresh dog beds, which come in handy for non-camping holidays like pet-friendly hotels. The scents are not overpowering for the pet (no sneezing) and application is easy to either spray on your hand and brush through the coat or spray directly on the coat, of course, keeping the spray away from the dog’s face and eyes.

Smiley Dog



Why should people buy Smiley Dog products?

Each and every product created at Smiley Dog is done with thorough research to ensure we only use premium, safe, and effective natural ingredients. We also understand how sensitive a dog’s skin can be, so each product is carefully formulated from plant extracts and natural coconut oil is used throughout the range to rejuvenate the skin and coat without stripping the dog’s coat of its natural oils and sebum. We are an Australian brand that genuinely cares for dogs and we do our bit to support the community, through donations and also through our support of Assistance Dogs Australia who does remarkable work in providing fully trained assistance dogs to people with mobility needs, autism, and post-traumatic stress.

Our professional clients and customers alike all love using our products and we are proud to have an array of fabulous 5-star reviews online.


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Be sure to try…

We have a travel-sized (100ml shampoo, 100ml conditioner, and 30ml cologne) range that comes in a handy reusable hessian bag. In flavours of Apple & Lemongrass, Goats Milk & Vanilla, Chamomile & Lavender, Pacific Island Coconut, and Witch Hazel & Strawberry. This range in particular is popular for those traveling with dogs due to the size of the products and the convenience of the travel bag. A lot of customers purchase this for their dogs for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Birthdays too, which is very sweet.



Sarah and Eva Reid, Owners, Smiley Dog.