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December 23, 2012

dog friendly beach bowen

Dog-Friendly Beaches: Bowen

Queens Beach, Bowen

This lovely sandy beach is 5 kilometres long – and luckily for pet owners, it has an official off-leash section at the northern end of The Esplanade, towards Don River. This is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the southern hemisphere.

With a tropical climate, Bowen is surrounded by natural beauty and a slower pace of life. You can find great pet-friendly places to stay here.

If you are looking for pet-friendly accommodation near this fabulous beach. The closest pet-friendly caravan parks are Wangaratta and Queens Beach Tourist Village both of which allow pets in guest’s own caravans

Other attractive features include the local racehorses that come to exercise most mornings on the beach, and a stinger net is provided for your safety. Don’t forget to visit the big mango while you are in town!

There is ample parking at the beach.

Dogs are also permitted at Kings Beach in Bowen.


dog friendly beach bowen


dog friendly bowen