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Planning a Flea-Free Holiday

Frontline Flea Free Holiday.

With the fourth edition of Travelling with Pets in the pipeline, I decided it was time to pack our bags and hit the road again.

This time, though, my cat will be joining me in the search for feline-friendly accommodation. Why? Because many members of our online community have mentioned that they’ve had trouble finding a place to stay where their cat is welcome, so I thought I’d help out those unhappy campers by compiling a list of tried and trusted places where you can take your kitty.


Our first stop will be at a holiday park in Northern NSW, which allows cats to stay in their owners’ caravans. After that, we’ll head to Woolgoolga Lakeside Holiday Park, which has pet-friendly cabins.


Planning makes purrfect

As with all things, planning a pet-friendly trip means being prepared: and being prepared means taking care of flea treatment well before setting off. So finding a reliable treatment was on top of my to-do list.

 Planning a Flea-Free Holiday

The other thing I needed to do was to make sure that my cat’s vaccinations were up-to-date. Many pet-friendly accommodation properties will require proof that vaccinations have been done before an animal arrives – and if that hasn’t happened, there’s a real risk of being turned away. Catteries and dog kennels will only accept pets that have been vaccinated at least two weeks before they turn up, so timing is everything.


No flying fur or fuss

If your cat is anything like mine, the idea of having a tablet being shoved down its throat doesn’t appeal one single bit. That’s why flea treatments that need to be administered orally just don’t fly in our house. Luckily there’s an alternative: the one-spot drop.


Frontline Plus is so easy to apply that your cat will probably just think that you’re giving it a quick pat. All you need to do is part your cat’s hair at the back of their neck and release the liquid treatment.


The lovely Nadia from Petcure gave me a useful tip for applying liquid flea treatment: rather than doing it in one drop, apply it with multiple, smaller drops to ensure that the liquid ends up right on the skin rather than on the fur. The treatment will be more effective and it’s also easier to ensure that the treatment has been applied in a spot that’s impossible for your kitty to reach on the back of his or her neck.


No struggle, no fuss – or scratches! And once it’s done, you’re guaranteed no fleas for four to eight weeks, so the outdoor adventures can continue unabated.


Bon Voyage

Although the idea of travelling with a pet might seem like something that needs a lot of preparation, once the important things are taken care of you can simply look forward to having your furry friend beside you. Travelling with a pet is incredibly fun – even when (for us) it’s in the name of research.

Frontline Flea Free Holiday

So, with my kitty’s needs taken care of, it’s now up to me to get on with writing the fourth edition and to check out the most pet-friendly places on the East Coast.


Next stop Queensland!

If you would like to find discover more about Frontline, please click here or talk to your vet about the best way of protecting your pet against fleas.


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