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February 6, 2021

Pets On The Punt 3

Pets on the Punt

Fancy a pet-friendly, paw-sitively passive, scenic activity in Melbourne?

Set in the shallow Lake at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Punting on the Lake offers relaxing vibes and brilliant views for you to enjoy with your favourite paw-pal. Inspired by the punting boats of Oxford and Cambridge in England, Punting on the Lake opened for business on Boxing Day 2013. Since then, the company has been hosting enchanting 30-minute rides along the lake for both dogs and humans to enjoy.


Why is punting with your dog so great?

In the words of the owner “It’s just such a relaxing thing to do with your dog. You get to see a lot of things from our punts, and we talk about birds, trees and history, and when the dogs are on board, people smile from the shore.”

Not only this but the owners have gone to great efforts to help your dog look super smart with homemade hats and ties for you to use as you punt, giving you the opportunity for some incredibly Instagrammable moments with your four-legged bestie.


Pets On The Punt 2



When to punt?

Punting is available from September to May. Choosing the perfect time can be tricky, as each season offers its own unique, idyllic qualities, but if you have a well-behaved hound that isn’t spooked by lots of wildlife, head out during spring to see the seasons new life emerge. Look out for ducklings, chicks, and cygnets, whilst taking in the breathtaking views along the lake.


Is it for everyone?

All dogs are welcome to come punting. There are no weight or size restrictions for your pooch. According to the owners, “We had a Great Dane called Neo who came Punting the other day, he is 65kg plus, he loved the ride!”

Unfortunately, there is no swimming allowed on the lake, so if you have a little water baby, keeping your dog on a short lead during the ride is a good idea.

The Punting boats are safe and stable, and the water is shallow, so there’s very little to worry about during your punt. The ride down the lake is a gentle, tranquil, journey, making it the perfect calming experience for you and your dog to enjoy together.

The owners just love doggos and happily welcome the increasing numbers of furry friends visiting the lake. Now completely COVID compliant and open to the public, just head over to Punting on the Lake to book this blissful pastime for you and your dog to enjoy together.


Pets On The Punt


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About the Author:

Tina Nayeri is a freelance writer and animal lover from the UK. Now a full-time writer and dog mum, Tina previously ran her own dog walking business on the South East Coast of England for many years, along with her 4-legged business partner, a rescued Dalmatian mix named Jessie.