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June 8, 2024

Pets On Holiday Navigating Pet Friendly Accommodation

Pets on Holiday: Navigating Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Pets on Holiday: Navigating Pet-Friendly Accommodation.

The perfect Australian getaway – three words that sum up a week of unending sun, warm beaches, and calmness. But a vacation without your most loyal companion will never feel complete, and many pet owners will prefer to bring their furry pets along for the ride. 

However, going on an adventure with your pet will require finding the perfect accommodation, not just for you but for your beloved companion as well. It’s important to make your holiday as comfortable for them as it is for you, ensuring they’re not just accommodated, but welcomed. So, how do you go about this?


  1. Start with the Search: What Defines Pet-Friendly?


The word “pet-friendly” can differ greatly in meaning from one pet accommodation to another. To some, it may simply mean allowing pets in their space, while for others, it’s about offering amenities suited to making your pet’s stay as comfortable as yours is. 


The main thing to look for in accommodations are those that have their pet policies written online, providing clear guidelines on what to expect. Do they offer pet sleeping areas or are pets allowed on beds? Do they have restrictions on the pets such as size or breed? Being familiar with these details beforehand can greatly assist you in finding the perfect and more stress-free pet accommodation for you and your pet to unwind. 


  1. For the Canine Companion: Unleashing the Fun


Dogs, being the adventurous souls they are, require space to explore and play. When scouting for accommodations, look for places with ample outdoor space. Secure, fenced areas where they can roam freely without the risk of wandering off are ideal. Consider accommodations near dog-friendly beaches or parks—spaces where your pooch can stretch their legs and socialise.


Moreover, inquire about the walking services provided. While on holiday, you might want to indulge in activities where your furry friend can’t follow. Pet-friendly accommodations often offer walking services to keep your dog active and engaged in your absence.


Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of doggy amenities. Water bowls, dog beds, and even welcome treats can make your dog feel right at home. Some places go the extra mile by offering doggy daycares or spa services to pamper your pooch properly. Also, don’t forget to bring medication, crates, leashes, dog balms for their paws, and anything comforting from home. 


  1. For the Feline Friend: A Purrfect Stay


Cats, with their timid personalities that require stability and quietness, may require a different angle. Look for pet accommodation that is isolated and peaceful, away from too much noise and stimulation that might startle your cat in its new environment. 


Cats tend to enjoy quiet spaces where they can watch what’s going on from a high and safe spot. Keep this in mind when choosing feline-friendly accommodation and consider looking at places with large windows and secure balconies. 


Cats love indoor amenities, so an accommodation with scratching posts, cat trees, and comfortable hiding spots can make a strange new environment feel more like home. Check if the accommodation provides such items or if you’ll need to bring them along to make your cat more comfortable.


Safety and security is a top priority for indoor cats, and it is of utmost importance to have a pet accommodation that has measures to prevent escapes, such as secure windows and doors. 


  1. The Non-Negotiables: Health and Hygiene


Whether you’re travelling with a cat or dog, the health and cleanliness of the accommodation is an absolute necessity. Look for places that keep high standards of cleanliness, with pet-specific cleaning services to handle a variety of pet accidents. 


Accessibility to veterinary services is also an important aspect. Inquire about the nearest vet and if your accommodation can provide assistance in case of emergencies. 


  1. Community Matters: The Social Scene


Take into account the social aspect of your accommodation, especially if you have a particularly friendly dog. Play spaces that facilitate interaction can provide enrichment for your dog, giving them some much needed exercise and a sense of joy from making new friends. However, make sure the pet accommodation has designated private spaces for your dog too in case he doesn’t feel like socialising. 


Wrapping It Up: The Ultimate Pet Holiday


Taking your pets along for a holiday is a real adventure that will require careful planning but will reap great rewards in the end. Of course, making sure they’re microchipped and they’ve got all their required vaccinations and papers in check is crucial before the trip. But the pleasure of seeing your dog playing happily alongside you on the beach or relaxing in a park while the sun is setting is immeasurable. 


Choosing the right pet-friendly accommodation will play a significant part in the comfort and ease of your trip, and to avoid any unnecessary stress from having a place that suddenly rejects your pet’s breed or activities, it’s best to find a pet accommodation that doesn’t just tolerate, but considers your pet as an honoured guest. 


Whether you’re going to the sunny, sandy beach of Queensland or the red sand landscape of Uluru, Australia is a wonderful place for people with pets. When choosing a place to stay, considering the needs and happiness of your pet will give you an unforgettable vacation with memories that will last a lifetime. 


Image by Rebecca Scholz from Pixabay