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August 11, 2020

Pet Friendly Glamping In Australia

Pet-Friendly Glamping in Australia

It hurts to leave your pet behind while you go out on a fun trip. It’s even harder when the trip is to a glamping site where you’re surrounded by nature all around — an atmosphere you know your pet is just going to love.

You end up missing them so much, you may not even enjoy the trip half as much as you should.

This is one of the major reasons why you should always take your pets glamping. Here’s a guide to some of the best pet-friendly glamping in Australia.





Ballina Beach Nature Resort

Ballina Beach Cp

Feel new again and discover the escape you crave – whether it’s the exhilarating joy of a morning swim, the awe produced by a sunrise over the ocean, or kayaking with dolphins; reconnecting with nature has never been easier in the Byron Bay region at Ballina Beach Nature Resort.

This Ballina beach resort offers glamping tents, campsites, cabins caravan sites & holiday villas, which are more than suitable for your furry friends, significant other, or your (ordinary) friends!

440 South Ballina Beach Rd, South Ballina 2478

T 02 66863347





Glamping Retro Van

This 1967 Valiant Van offers quirky accommodation in Katoomba. Experience spectacular views in the mountains.

You have your own BBQ and private bathroom and toilet, which is accessed via the main house. The unobtrusive hosts have a friendly Blue Heeler and two cats – and welcome most types of pets – but enquire first.

You are welcome to also share the fire pit at the front of the house. Relax in the deck chair and soak in the views.

Please note the owners are often at home painting or working from a computer. You have your own area at the side of the large property (2 acres) – but it is near the side of our house so you can access your own bathroom inside. Some areas of the property have dangerous drop-offs and are fenced for safety.

Narrowneck Road, Katoomba 2780

M 0401 295 990

Bookings via AirBnB




Nomadic Belle Glamping

Pet Friendly Glamping
Did you know your furry friend can join you on a trip to Lake Lyell?

Camp under the stars with your pet. Glamping and canvas tent hire for any event or experience. NSW – all locations.

Image @lachiethespoodle





South Coast Retreat – Glamping Safari Treat

South coast retreat provides a full-on African safari-style glamping, thanks to its safari-themed tents and eco-friendly environment. The exterior is also a sight to behold. It manages to strike the perfect balance between a beautiful, well-maintained space and an area with enough trees and plantations.

While the exterior is an amazing part of the whole experience, the interior is perhaps where the major thrill lies. The rooms offer a remarkable contrast to the vegetation outside.

A close analogy would be to consider it as having a five-star hotel right in the middle of lush vegetation. And finally, of course, both the interiors and exteriors are pet-friendly. Be sure to bring along accessories such as dog blankets, dog sleeping bags or even glow-in-the-dark dog collars!


Turon Gates

The major purpose of glamping is to add an extra dose of comfort and upgrade to regular camping. Different glamping locations do this in different ways. With Turon Gates, this uniqueness comes in the form of a 6000-acre space of lush vegetation, trout stream, remarkable tents, log cabins, campsites, and breathtaking mountain views.

Arguably the best part of glamping in Turon Gates is the combination of sensory appeal and full-on camping experience.

The environment comes alive with the chattering of birds, wildlife, and other animals. Speaking of animals, Turon Gates is also as pet-friendly as they come, with provisions made for you and your pets to ensure the utmost comfort.


Nature Domes

Nature Domes

Nature Domes offers simplicity above any other thing. If you’re looking to experience the joy and tranquillity that comes with camping, without the fuss and complexity, Nature Domes is a great option to consider.

It also offers a remarkable view, lush rainforest, streams, and waterfalls.

Access is also quite easy, with pickup option available for those who aren’t too familiar with the area.



Western Australia


Yallingup Lodge Spa Retreat

Pet Friendly Glamping In Australia

Yallingup provides an ideal getaway for those seeking to escape the tedious hustle of city life without giving up some of the important luxuries that make it worthwhile.

You not only get a sweet taste of nature with your pets, but you also get a host of unique features such as spa suites, tours, and even a pet suite for your beloved furry friend. @ragnarandloki pictured above enjoyed their stay at Yallingup.




Mirador Springs Retreat

One of the first words to come to mind when one thinks of Mirador Springs is magical, and for good reasons too. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful glamping sites in the country, and one of the most delightful.

It is set on the Strzelecki Ranges, a location that gives it the advantages of numerous meandering paths, botanical gardens, and natural springs that effuse the feeling of being straight out of a dream.

Like the other entries on the list, Mirador Springs Retreat is also pet-friendly.




Glamping is fun with pets

There’s nothing like soaking in the beauty of nature with your pet by your side. You get to take walks with them, watch them roam about, and go wild in pure ecstasy. This is the fun side of glamping you don’t get without a pet.


Going glamping with your pet is one of the most profound ways of building a lasting memory that is sure to last forever. It adds an added air of significance to the event that you’re probably not going to get, or at least not as much without them.


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