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April 25, 2019

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Perth’s Most Pawsome Trails


As beautiful as the National Parks in Australia are, you are not allowed to take pets such as dogs to them. This is because they are areas that are meant to protect wildlife and they are a sanctuary for many endangered species. Dogs and other pets could cause a disturbance for them, so pet owners are forbidden from taking their fur babies into these special places.


There are other pet-friendly areas to take your dog a nice long walk, but you do have to be aware of poisons used to bait vermin. The areas where these are in use are available on the website of the Department of Parks and Wildlife. As these baits are very toxic for dogs, it is worth checking this out before heading anywhere with your pet.


Throughout the country, there are other places where pets are not allowed that you may want to spend a holiday. Then you might be wondering how to pick the best accommodation for your pets so that you can be certain they are well cared for while you are away. For long and great dog walks, here are the details of a few of the most popular…


Perth’s Most Pawsome Trails

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Jorgensen Park, Kalamunda


This is situated on the original site of the Kalamunda golf club. It has a 2.7km walk that runs along the old fairways.  This ideal day out in the Perth Hills is a great place for your dog to run free off their leash. They do need to have it on if you go anywhere need the children’s play area, but apart from that, they can roam as they wish.


Railway Reserve Heritage Trail


This 59km trail retraces the old Eastern railway that linked Fremantle to York in the 1880s and is a great place to travel with your dog.  Along the way, you will pass through several towns, see stunning views and find places of historical interest. It starts at Bellevue, but there are other places along the way that you can join it.


The trail runs through the John Forrest National Park and this is the only part of it that dogs and other pets are not allowed.



Bells Rapids


Bells Rapids is a brilliant location for a walk along the Swan River, and an ideal picnic location. It has a 5.5km circuit trail that crosses a wooden bridge. This provides great views of the rapids and is a day out that the whole family will enjoy.


It is just off the Great Northern Highway in Brigadoon and is ideal for nature lovers. The area has many kangaroos and birds, as well as nooks and crannies along the riverbanks for exploring.


Ellis Brook Valley, Gosnells


If you need a special reason to visit Ellis Brook Valley, the Sixty Foot falls provide it. The valley has four walking trails of different lengths and levels of difficulty, but most people talk the hike to the top to fully appreciate just how beautiful the falls are.


These are just a few suggestions of some stunning locations to take your dog. They are not the only ones by any means, and it will not take much research to find out more.




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