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September 15, 2023

My Vet Rules 2023 Competition

My Vet Rules 2023 Competition

My Vet Rules 2023 Competition in Honour of Heroic Vets and Vet Nurses of Canine Dermatological Care.

My Vet Rules, a competition by Zoetis Australia, is designed to recognise the exceptional efforts of vets and vet nurses who go above and beyond to assist in life-changing improvements for dogs who are affected by dermatological conditions.

Skin problems in dogs are common, but managing these cases effectively can be a challenge. My Vet Rules is a competition specifically created to put the spotlight on the well-deserved efforts of the vets and vet nurses who have enhanced the lives of not only their furry patients but also their owners as they work towards a successful improvement of the dog’s dermatological conditions.

Through the program, pet owners are encouraged to seek professional care for their dogs and through their success stories, be an inspiration to other pet owners to seek help for their dogs suffering with similar conditions.

Every month there are really cool prizes that can be won, just for nominating your vet! Including a $1000 cash prize and @july luggage for the winning entry announced in November! Not to mention amazing prizes for the vet clinics helping our furry friends.

Zoetis Australia is a global animal health company that is committed to nurturing our world and human kind by advancing care for animals.

To participate, cast your vote for your favourite vet or vet nurses. With My Vet Rules, boost a happier, itch-free life.

My Vet Rules 2023 Competition

Dates of Competition

1st March 2023 – 31st October 2023.

1 vet/nurse of the month announced monthly and a Vet/nurse of the year announced in November 2023

The instagram link feature nominations of people who love their fur babies and want their vets to be awarded for their work.