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September 22, 2019

Muk Mat For Pets

Muk Mat for Pets

Taking a trip into the great outdoors can have its messy moments.


Now, if you love camping as much as we do, Muk Mat is your new best friend that will keep your car fresh, clean and ensure dirt won’t ruin your next holiday.


Not only is it locally handcrafted in Australia, but it also comes with an on-trend array of colourful bindings, the choice is yours!


Muk Mat is durable with a soft touch, to effectively remove any dirt or grit that has built up on your feet or shoes.


This is a great solution if you’re wanting to keep sand, mud, and grass out of your car, and off the paws of your beloved pet.


Pop this patch of grass on the ground, wipe your feet, your pets too, and keep the car or caravan squeaky clean.


So, if you’re planning on travelling in Australia with kids or pets (or both), Muk Mat is a must-have addition to keep things tidy while you’re on the road.


We recruited a couple of intrepid four-legged travellers – Nellie and Shinsei to road test Muk Mat for our upcoming trip down the East Coast and it was a big hit especially with Nellie who didn’t hesitate in making it her own – seen here curled up contently.

Muk Mat For Pets


As usual, Shinsei was more cautious, our silver tabby took a little while longer to complete his usual Inspector Gadget routine of all new goods.


We watched on as he familiarised himself with all the new scents and sensations of the mat and he appeared to like the feel of the mat under his delicate paws. It looks like the results are in from Nellie and Shinsei – Muk Mat will be an invaluable addition to our box of camping accoutrements in the future.


Muk Mat For Pets



Muk Mat ™ is 50cm x 65cm or XL 60cm x 120cm of Australian made synthetic fibre turf.

The 100% Woven Polypropylene provides maximum water resistance and a soft Latex backing. It’s natural-looking,  UV protected, 40mm state of the art Polyethylene multi-filament yarn.


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