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January 4, 2015

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Guest Post by 1st World Dog

Gotta love a quote from the movie Point Break. After all, I was named after Patrick Swayze’s character in the movie (random fact about me just in case you didn’t know). And heading out to sea was kinda what I got up to when we headed to a new park the other day. Well, not quite out to sea but I did decide to swim out to see what that yellow thing was in the water. Mum was laughing at me from the shore. It is supposedly called a buoy and is used to stop the boats from floating away. Well, it was a long swim but kinda fun investigating.

So where was I on my little adventure? A place called McCarrs Creek Reserve on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It is managed by Pittwater Council and they allow dogs off leash in specific areas Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays). McCarrs Creek Reserve is kinda just around the corner from the popular Rowland Reserve at Bayview but a lot quieter (well it was until we wrote about it and told all of you).

What we liked about it:

  • It is much quieter than Rowland Reserve around the corner.
  • There is heaps of shade from the trees (a nice change from most dog off leash parks).
  • Mum likes that there are human toilets there (and kept pretty clean from her report).
  • There are picnic tables there for the humans too (Mum was worried I was going to do a Yogi Bear impersonation and steal a picnic basket… hehe).
  • There is plenty of parking.

Some things to be aware of:

  • While there are toilets for the humans there didn’t seem to be the doggy poo bags provided. Make sure you BYO.
  • If you want to swim than it is best to go at low tide. Unlike Rowland Reserve there isn’t a big sandbank to run along. But there is plenty of grass area to run around and if you like getting wet then there is heaps of water (it does get deep quite quickly).
  • It isn’t fenced and McCarrs Creek Road runs alongside and the cars do move quickly along there. It is easy to stay away from the road but if you are a bolter than be wary.
  • There aren’t any places to purchase food so if you want to make a day of it you need to bring your own picnic (please refer to my Yogi Bear point above and make sure you are keeping guard).
  • This part of the world does get those nasty paralysis ticks so makes sure treatments are up to date and plenty of pats after to check us over.
  • Also in my case be wary of the Toddler pushing you in off the jetty (yes she did and Mum didn’t capture the look on my face as she was too busy laughing to take a photo)

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Hope you like our latest park discovery and hope to see you up there soon.