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March 9, 2016

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MaxxWell Australia Water Magnet for Pets

MaxxWell Australia Water Magnet for Pets

For healthy pets, it is essential that they have access to clean, fresh drinking water.

To freshen and energise ordinary tap water, place the water magnet in the pet’s main drinking bowl.   The magnet reduces unpleasant odours in chemically treated tap water by magnetising and ionising the water; this consolidates the chemicals and the smell disappears.   Magnetised water stays fresher longer than ordinary tap water because bacteria do not form in it so quickly.  We recommend you still clean the bowl regularly!

Magnetised water may have a calming effect which assists pets with stress and/or separation & storm anxiety.

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How to Use:

When you first start using the magnet, we suggest you have two water bowls side by side; one with the magnet pebble and one without.  Once your pet starts drinking from the bowl with the magnet, simply remove the other bowl.


Paw Print Magnetic Jewellery:


For pet lovers, we have some beautiful paw print themed jewellery, as a reminder of our shared love for pets.  Each piece has an integrated magnet for wellness.  Magnets improve circulation and increase the supply of oxygen to the individual cells.   My personal favourite piece of jewellery is the paw print pendant.  It is the most popular piece in our pet lovers range.

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For these products and more, please visit Pet Lovers at MaxxWell Australia.



NOTE:     Please do not wear magnetic jewellery during pregnancy and/or if you have a pacemaker or

insulin pump.



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