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July 2, 2021

Man's Best

Man’s Best for A Healthy Friend

We all know the importance of taking care of our pets. But is fuelling your fur friend with the finest ingredients at the top of your priority list?

Man’s Best boasts the best premium grain-free recipes for nourishing the nation’s dogs. So, we asked them a few questions about what makes their dog food so amazing.

Since more people, today are educating themselves on the benefits of a good diet. Savvy shoppers are paying close attention to the ingredients on their food labels. The reality is our food choices directly impact our health. So, it’s important we understand what’s in the meals we give to ourselves and our families. And of course, as a nation of pet lovers, why wouldn’t this include our pets?


Who is Man’s Best?

With over 25 years experience in the pet industry, in January 2015 the team started working on good quality, Australian made dog food.

The 3 of us, at the time, noticed there was a gap in the retail market for a single protein grain-free dog food. After 2 years of research and development, we come up with man’s best. As a team, we are unwavering in our commitment to 100% Australian Made & Owned grain-free recipes. We’re a small team of dog lovers who know the benefits of a balanced and nutritious premium grain-free diet. We are passionate about Australian local businesses, local farmers and industry.


With expert input from pet professionals, Man’s Best products contain great tasting recipes, with tons of health benefits. Not only this, but Hamilton Pet Care are a 100% Australian made company. This means good quality produce, that hasn’t racked up any air miles, and supports the local economy. That’s a win, win-win, WIN!


We noticed that there was very limited Australian Owned & Made high-quality dog foods on the market at the time. We decided to enlist a pet nutritionist and local vets to help design a unique formula that was highly palatable, packed with local ingredients.



Man's Best


What’s in Man’s Best Recipes? 

Man's Best Puppylarge 12kg Pack 1

Each Man’s Best recipe has been carefully composed for optimum pooch health. All of the ingredients have been specifically chosen, leaving no room for extra bulk. That means no grains, and no artificial colours or flavours.

Instead, Man’s Best recipes are only ever made up of ingredients that play an important role in keeping our dogs happy and healthy. Ingredients that you can get your head around. And just in case you’re not so familiar with some, all of their premium ingredients can be found here on their website. Along with clear descriptions outlining the ways in which it benefits your dog.

We were particularly curious about the bovine colostrum contained in their puppy formulas. And super pleased to find out about all the incredible benefits for young dogs!

“Bovine Colostrum is basically cow’s mothers’ milk. We are able to develop this through the puppy formulas to help maintain a healthy immune system as it has up to 250 positive antibodies. It also helps with digestion and strengthening the gut wall, so can be helpful in preventing potential health issues at the early stages of life.”

In June 2021, Hamilton Pet Care launched 2 new varieties. Large Breed Puppy & Large Breed Adult, Lamb & Chicken with Sardines.

Sometimes larger breeds with a lower metabolism can suffer from accidental weight gain. To help this issue, Man’s Best created their Adult Large Breeds recipe. Helping keep larger dogs lean, without compromising their health. A lower protein and fat option, that’s still packed with all of the essential vitamins and minerals to keep your best friend feeling pawsitively perfect!


Man's Best Puppylarge IconsMan's Best Adultlarge Icons


What’s so great about grain-free dog food anyway?

Simply put, grains are cheap. Other dog foods might use them as an inexpensive way of bulking out their recipes. But many dogs are allergic to grains. Including these foods in your dog’s diet can lead to digestive issues and skin problems.

Our Man’s Best insider puts it like this: Man's Best Adultlarge 12kg Pack 1

“In all seriousness, you can buy a 10kg bag of dog food for $8 at a number of grocery stores and your dog will survive, but your dog won’t thrive and in the long run you will be up for very expensive vet bills later on in your dog’s life.”


So, for optimum health, your dog needs a nutrient-dense complete diet. Not empty calories that could irritate their delicate system.



Australian Owned and Made

As Aussie locals, we were curious to know the teams’ favourite pet-friendly spots.

They shared this:

“Our team are spread across multiple parts of Australia, Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands and the Gold Coast.

In Shoalhaven, Seven-mile Beach is stunning. You can also take your pets to Bangalay Dining and Coolangatta Estate Winery.

If you’re around the Southern Highlands, Bowral has a passionate pet community and an amazing local vibe. We have incredible support from the local community in Bowral and the local pet-friendly retailer “We Know Pets” Jeremy was one of the first to support us in Australia and is still the leader when it comes to local knowledge, pets and the community.

On the Gold Coast, we love Currumbin Creek! It has the best dog-friendly beach on the coast, mixing the surf with a wide-open beach to a really nice swimming area for your dogs that might not be that confident in and around the creek. There is also a fantastic little café that welcomes all dogs great and small for a coffee and a meal while the kids can play at the pirate park.”


If you want to find out more about Man’s Best and their products, head over to their website. They have a number of exciting new products in the pipe works currently. Including dog treats, dog chews, and even new cat food! Plus, the company behind Man’s Best, Hamilton Petcare, will be launching a new product this year, that they’re calling “True Colours”.


We can’t wait to hear more!

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You can follow them for more exciting news @mansbestfordogs