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April 18, 2022

Silvermere Coastal Retreat

Silvermere Coastal Retreat

This beautifully decorated 3-bedroom house with ocean views offers guests a contemporary coastal hideaway designed for families, couples, friends, and furbabies. Pet food and water dishes, old towels, leads & poop bags are supplied at Silvermere Coastal Retreat.

The stylish 2-storey home is a short distance to Culburra Beach and has a secure yard for pets.

Pet policies at Silvermere Coastal Retreat:

  • $50 extra for pets
  • Wet, sandy, or dirty dogs are not allowed into the house
  • No dogs allowed on the furniture or in the bedrooms
  • All poop needs to be bagged and disposed of
  • Any poop not collected with incur a fee of $20 per poop
  • Damages will be claimed if any animal defecates in the house or have been on the couches or beds
  • It’s a high tick area. It is recommended that tick prevention is up to date.


Silvermere Coastal Retreat


72 Silvermere Street, Culburra Beach 2045






Silvermere Coastal Retreat
72 Silvermere Street
Culburra Beach NSW 2045