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May 2, 2017

Cat cafe Madrid

La Gatoteca: Cat Café Madrid

Cat Café to The Rescue

After considerable globe-trotting, it’s become clear that not all cat cafés are the same breed. Although they all have cats that entertain their patrons, not all have cats you can actually adopt.

La Gatoteca

However, Madrid’s cat café, “La Gatoteca,” has done their homework and given patrons what they’ve been asking for; the option to adopt one of these beautiful companions. Making it the cat’s whiskers.

Cat cafe Madrid

Sydney’s Cat Café Catmosphere and Tokyo’s Asakusa Nekoen also offer feline adoptions.

Cat cafe Madrid

Sipping your coffee, while puss purrs on your lap (or as I discovered doing an excellent imitation of a fur stole — the cat was languishing around my shoulders), and considering who might become your forever friend is a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon. If you can’t give kitty a home, you can visit the gift shop and support the felines by buying a gift or a souvenir to take home with you.


Gift Shop

The gift shop is attached to the cat café, and apparently they were the fourth one to open in Europe. The gift shop sells a range of feline inspired goodies from bags to cups.

cat friendly                 cat cafe madrid


Where is Madrid’s La Gatoteca?

Located next to the Reina Sofia Museum and Atocha Station, La Gatoteca is more like a cat-sanctuary than a café. From the outside the café is a traditional purple fronted stone building, but on the inside the cafe is set on two floors with about four rooms, which makes it bigger than some of its counterparts.

cat friendly

Cat’s Wall of Fame

You’ll be happy to read the profiles of the many cats pictured on the wall that have all been re-homed since the cafe opened.

cat cafe madrid


La Gatoteca is a great cat refuge for abandoned cats and we think the 6 euros entrance fee for half an hour or 6 for an hour, with a free drink, is very reasonable.


Where: Calle Argumosa, 28, 28012 Madrid, Spain

When: 11am – 9.30pm