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September 15, 2015

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Ipswich City Council Pet Rewards Program

Registration Rewards Program

Ipswich City Council has developed a Registration Rewards Program to reward dog and cat owners and thank them for being responsible pet owners. Buy your copy here at the discounted price of $19.99. This special price is exclusively for pet owners on the Ipswich City Council Registration Rewards Program.

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The program includes over $3000 worth of value and every registered dog and cat in Ipswich Each year owners will receive vouchers when they renew their registration.

Travelling with Pets on Australia’s East Coast is proud to be part of this program and is offering a special $5 saving to be redeemed online. Simply click on the link below to claim your copy of this popular travel guide.

Let’s champion responsible pet ownership together!

Travelling with Pets 3/e Guidebook

Who we support

We believe in giving back to those who help animals throughout Australia. Here are some of the shelters and charities we support.

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 gara dog rescue