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June 1, 2022

How To Grieve The Loss Of A Pet

How To Grieve The Loss Of A Pet

How To Grieve The Loss Of A Pet


Loving pet owners will agree that pets are part of the family. Losing any family member is very difficult, especially when you spent many years together and created many memories. Recent research suggests that the loss of a pet is enough to leave a person in a state of mental breakdown, stress, loneliness, and even depression. Unfortunately, many people take the loss of a pet for granted and try to go on with their lives. If you recently lost a pet, here are some reasons you should take the time to grieve your loss.


1. Saying a proper goodbye can quicken emotional recovery


Losing your favourite pet is more than enough to drag you through different forms of emotional stress, depending on how closely connected you were with them. Some pet owners assume getting another pet and moving on is the best way to deal with their loss. But if your pet had a loving and lasting effect on you, saying a proper farewell is a great way to recover emotionally from your loss. The truth is, many people struggle with the loss of a pet but feel ashamed, embarrassed, or even guilty that they feel this way. This is largely due to the misconception that pet grief is inferior to human grief, which is not the case. The emotional bonds pet owners form with their pets can be stronger than many human connections. So, if you’ve lost a pet that gave you so much joy, it helps to say a proper goodbye, whether through a simple dog burial service or cat cremation. This helps in giving them their final respect and gives you closure.


2. All pets function as therapy animals


Regardless of the type of animal you have (and whether they are trained or not), research has shown that all pets function as therapy animals. Their mere presence can help keep loneliness, depression, and anxiety at a minimum. Therefore, if your pet gave you the emotional support you needed, losing them means losing a vital emotional connection. This can be quite difficult to deal with and would require time to recover from. Additionally, not giving yourself time to grieve would only increase your emotional despair.


3. Grieving makes you emotionally ready for another pet


The last thing you want is to feel tempted to rush for another pet to fill the void left by your previous pet. Wanting to share your life with another animal buddy is a great thing, but it’s better to allow yourself enough time to first mourn your lost pet and embrace your emotions. This way, you wouldn’t avoid the pain you feel and will less likely take out your frustrations on your new pet if it fails to fill that void. Taking time to grieve will make you emotionally ready to open your heart and home to a new pet.


Losing a pet can be a challenging time for you and your family. Instead of bottling your sadness, give yourself time to mourn your loss.



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