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October 22, 2019

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How to Boost Your Pet Product Business

When selling products online, it’s crucial to have a sound grip on the mechanics behind your e-commerce platform. This rule applies to absolutely any business – but with pet supplies enterprises, which can be worldwide, it’s absolutely vital in order to boost your pet product business.

This article walks through the most important steps your business should take to ensure you’re maximising your sales, increasing your traffic, and enticing web visitors to part with their cash with sleek web design and attractive photographs of your pet products.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to work on making your pet product e-commerce site as effective as possible, boosting your profits as a result.

Designing a Modern Website

With web design trends evolving with the internet’s fads and the ever-increasing proliferation of exciting and sleek business websites, your site needs to stay ahead of the curve by making frequent changes to its visual appeal. A clunky website with old features and an architecture that feels a decade old will drive away customers, who’ll think your business is out of action or is otherwise a tin-pot affair that’s unlikely to provide good service. Use ready-made templates on site-building platforms or your very own hired web designer to make your site slick, professional and trustworthy.

Consider Your Site Map

As well as designing your pet website to look amazing, you should also ensure that your website is laid out in a smart, methodical way. You want visitors to your website to be able to find the pet products that they want in two or three clicks – and so drop-down menus, search bars, intelligent product listings, and clever ‘click-to-buy’ buttons are essential to transform website visitors into customers as soon as possible. Search online on how to create a smart site map for your business.

Partner with a Quality Ecommerce Provider

With all the design bells and whistles incorporated into your website, there’s still the incredibly important sales portal to consider. Here, you want to have the most friction-free partner to help you generate and facilitate sales, and send you in-depth data analysis sales reports that’ll help you know your customers better. Compare Magento to the newer Shopify to understand what utilities you can bring your e-commerce site in order to ramp up your sales and make wise decisions as to the future development of your website, your pet product listings, and your marketing strategy.

Use Social Media

Pet product companies have a killer card to play on social media: sharing cute photos of animals with their products. This is an arena that you ought to be incredibly active in because, unlike many business advertisements, yours will be likely to be shared if your photos are cute and endearing. So get a professional photographer, bring in some animals to be snapped next to your products, and start uploading photos, with snappy titles, to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The shares these images will generate will bring more customers to your site – from animal lovers who are likely to own a pet.

These four tips are essential steps towards making your pet product business successful and competitive in a crowded but opportunity-full online marketplace.