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December 12, 2018

Pet Friendly Accommodation

Healthy & Sustainable Ways to Treat Your Dog

Every dog owner wants to treat their dog and make them feel special and appreciated. Unfortunately, the ways in which many pet owners do this is actually wrong and pretty damaging. You should be looking for healthy and sustainable ways to treat your dog so you don’t end up inadvertently causing them health problems later down the line. So read on now to find out how to treat your dog in healthy and sustainable ways.


Provide More Quality Time and Attention


Sometimes, the best treat you can offer your dog is more time and attention. When you lead a busy life, it’s easy to forget how much time and attention your dog really needs from you. Sure, you’ve got a job, a family and plenty of other responsibilities. But your dog is one of those responsibilities and what they want from you more than anything else is attention and love.


Research the Best Chews


There are lots of different dog chews on the market, so you should take the time to research them and find the best and most healthy options for your dog. You can get bravecto online and you can do the same with many other treat options too. This gives you the chance to compare many different chews and read reviews of them before going ahead and buying them.


Make Your Own Treats at Home


Making your own treats is something that can work really well too. There are so many healthy dog treat recipes out there, so you won’t have any trouble at all finding a recipe that you can follow. The benefit of making your own treats is that you can make them as healthy as you like because you’ll be controlling precisely which ingredients go into them.


Use Varied Exercise as a Treat and Reward


Dogs love to get out there and explore. That’s why exercise can be a very good way of rewarding your dog and giving them what they want from you. Use varied forms of exercise so that they never get bored and don’t feel like the activities they’re doing with you feel repetitive. Let them run alongside your bike and explore landscapes you’ve never explored together before.


Talk to Your Vet if You Need Further Ideas for Your Specific Dog


If you’re ever stuck for ideas or want new ways to keep your dog happy and healthy, you should talk to your vet. They’re professionals and they know what your dog needs from you so they’ll be best placed to give you the advice that you need. Never hesitate to get that kind of advice if you feel like it will benefit you and your dog.

Pet Friendly Accommodation

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There are lots of great ways to treat your dog right and raise them healthily. You don’t need to keep throwing them fatty and unhealthy treats or let them eat the scraps off your dinner plate because that’s not going to be good for them over the long-term and will eventually result in health issues.