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February 24, 2019

George Bass Coastal Walk for Dogs

George Bass Coastal Walk for Dogs

Few things beat walking your best mate in the great outdoors, but trying to find places where dogs are allowed, outside the usual designated off-leash zones you find in your local park, can be tricky.


Heading southeast from Melbourne, you will find the George Bass Coastal walk. It’s about an hour and a half drive away and well worth a visit to escape the crowds and city noise.


It’s one of those places you wouldn’t expect pets to be permitted because this type of spectacular scenery is usually reserved for tourists meaning than four-legged walkers often miss out.


Fortunately, dogs are allowed to join their owners on this fantastic trail despite there being an abundance of wildlife but must be leashed in order to prevent our furry friends chasing after them.


Best buddy hiking

Bianca Savill and her dog Diego, a Siberian husky, pictured above recently explored this route and were impressed with its natural beauty. She says, “It’s an awesome spot for some best buddy hiking.”


Pitched high above the Bass Strait with secluded beaches below, its mesmerising scenery will leave you breathless.


Around two centuries ago, George Bass, a British naval surgeon, and explorer of Australia followed the southern edge of the Anderson Peninsula, and the walk is named after him.


A walk with a view

Enjoy the sights on this beautiful cliff top walk with rugged coastal views. Although it can get a bit windy, so it’s best to come prepared!


The walk is 7km (14km round trip) and takes approximately two hours one way (4 hours return). The walk begins at Punchbowl car park, San Remo and ends in Kilcunda. Alternatively, you can start in Kilcunda.


Experience picturesque ocean views, lush farmlands, and stunning beaches, this is one walk that you will want to do again.


Where: Punchbowl Road, San Remo, Victoria 3925


Length: 14km round trip


Duration: 4 hours return


If you require any further detail about this walk, then you can contact Parks Victoria Information Centre on 13 1963.



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Photo credit: Bianca Savill